Local leaders lobbying for poll candidacy

Published On: March 16, 2017 12:00 AM NPT By: Janak KC

JAJARKOT, March 16: Leaders of major political parties in Jajajrkot district are busy lobbying to get candidacy for the local level election as the poll date nears.  The local poll is scheduled for May 14. The parties have already have began pre-poll campaigns. 

Election fever has gripped local leaders and cadres after the government finalized the number and boundaries of 744 local units across the country. In their bid to get public support as well as favor from the central leaders, local leaders are not just participating in mass meetings but are equally busy in internal meetings and publicity campaigns for themselves.

They are competing against each to other to lure voters. UML has been trying to persuade the supporters to vote for the party,

Arguing that the party has taken a lead role in promulgating the new constitution in September 2015. UML has also claimed of taking a firm stand for sake of national integrity than any other political parties. 

Nepali Congress (NC), the largest party in the parliament, is also trying to woo voters in the districts by explaining its contribution for the establishment of democracy and advocating for peace in the country.

Ruling CPN (Maoist Center) is also busy in organizing mass meetings and internal meetings. The Maoists have been seeking public support in the election arguing that the current changes observed in the nation was possible only because of their armed struggle against the palace and the parliamentary parties. The Maoists have been asking the locals to acknowledge the sacrifice and devotion of their party and vote for them in the upcoming election.

As the political parties have upped the ante for promotion campaigns in various parts of the district, local leaders have also begun lobbing for their candidacy in the local election. They are conducting programs and meetings in various wards and municipalities.

 Dipak Jung Shah, district chairman of NC in Jajarkot, said his party has already intensified their interaction with the locals keeping the upcoming election in mind. 

Ganesh Prasad Singh of the Maoist Center informed that they are interacting with the locals of all municipalities, village units and wards. Likewise, Ratna Prasad Sharma Neupane of UML told Republica that they are busy in visiting houses of the voters almost every day.

According to Khadak BC, district secretary of Nepali Congress, they have entrusted the party leaders to choose deserving and qualified candidates for representation in the local election.  

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