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3 daughters from same family in government service

Published On: February 28, 2017 08:13 AM NPT By: Daman Rai

KHOTANG, Feb 28: Unable to bear with the villagers' stinging remarks for being a father of three daughters in a society greatly obsessed with having a male child in the family, Yadudnath Acharya became an alcoholic in the past. But now, he is a proud father whose all three daughters have set an example by being successful in joining the government service.

Although the Acharya couple wished to have a son as well due to the society's pressure, Yadunath still sent his daughters to school because of his wife's pressure for their education. According to him, many people would tell him that his lineage would come to an end without a son, compelling the couple to have a fourth child, a son, in 2004. 

But later, his daughters made him realize that he never really needed a son. Today, his daughters Sunita, Anisha and Sujita have got government jobs after successfully passing the examinations of the Public Service Commission. Today, Yadunath is known by his daughters and he is proud of it. 

“My daughters have been examples not just for girls but also for everyone,” said Yadunath, “Women are capable of doing everything that men can do. All they need is education, encouragement and opportunities.” He informed Republica that he still feels bad for not understanding the importance of his daughters earlier. 

“If my mother had not convinced my father for our education and if he had forbidden us from going to school, I doubt we would be here. So, we are highly thankful to our parents, especially our mother,” said Anisha. Her mother Jhunadevi remembers how difficult it was for her to convince her husband to send their daughters to school. “I cannot stop my tears when I recall the miserable childhood of my daughters but I am happy that their hard work paid off,” said Jhunadevi.

 She shared how she had to struggle to manage two square meals and proper clothes for her daughters. “My daughters have faced the hard times which actually motivated them to work hard and I am glad that they finally succeeded,” She added.  She informed Republica that now they have a good social standing and that she always walks holding her head high like a proud mother.  


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