Women now do all the work in Jumla village

Published On: February 8, 2017 01:10 AM NPT By: DB Buda

JUMLA, Feb 8: Suna Kami of Pandavgupha-5 in Jumla district takes lead in all the activities in her village. As able men in the village have gone to India for employment after the Dashain festival, women are shouldering the responsibility all development activities and rituals in the village. 

From holding village-level discussions to helping locals in need, women are in playing a leading role seeking solution to every problem. They also take care of the children and the elderly. And if male members return from India late, these women also engage in farming activities.

According to Lalitjung Shahi, another local, women have been taking the lead even in performing various rituals in the absence of men.

“There is no work that women haven't done. We take important decisions and also solve village's problems,” said Kami. “We are the ones sustaining the whole village.”

Lately, locals have been very upset with the government's decision to spilt ward 5 of Pandavgupha VDC. Just last week, women of the village also participated in a protest against the border delineation at the district headquarters, Khalanga. They took to the streets claiming that the government tweaked the border of their wards without consulting with the locals.

“Such decisions should have been made after considering our opinions, as we are the ones who will be most affected by the decision. That's why we took to the streets,” said Kami. 

The women of the village had taken the lead in the protest as well. According to them, the results would not be good if the government tries to suppress the voice of women. All women, young and old, have shown their participation.

“The government has not done us justice. If our voices are not heeded, we will launch even fast-unto-death but will not allow our wards to be divided,” Kami added.

There are no men in 145 houses of the VDC ward.

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