A Step in the Right Direction

Published On: August 12, 2023 07:35 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

In a significant move that underscores its commitment to safeguarding the interests and well-being of its citizens working abroad, the government has announced a decision to provide Rs 1 million to the families of Nepali migrant workers in case of an unfortunate event of their demise while working overseas. This decision was announced during a program titled 'Discussion with Journalists on Foreign Employment Management,' organized by the Ministry of Labour, Employment, and Social Security (MoLESS) on Thursday. It represents a crucial stride towards recognizing the invaluable contributions of migrant workers to the nation's economy and upholding their rights. It is no secret that Nepali migrant workers play a pivotal role in bolstering the country's economy through their remittances. As they toil away in foreign lands, often undertaking arduous jobs to support their families back home, their sacrifices cannot be understated. They form the backbone of the remittance-driven economy that Nepal heavily relies upon. The government’s decision to provide financial support to the families of deceased migrant workers is not just a gesture of empathy but a moral imperative and a commitment to honoring the labor and dedication of these unsung heroes.

The decision to increase the compensation from Rs 700,000 to Rs 1 million in case of a worker's untimely demise is a significant enhancement. It not only acknowledges the rising cost of living and expenses but also highlights the government's positive gesture to support the grieving families during their times of need. Such a measure can bring a semblance of relief to families grappling with the emotional and financial toll of losing a loved one abroad. Moreover, the Foreign Employment Board's intention to conduct health examinations and provide psychosocial counseling to returnee migrant workers is a progressive step in addressing the broader well-being of those who return home after facing various challenges abroad. The physical and mental health of these workers should be of a paramount concern for the government, and this initiative showcases a holistic approach that goes beyond mere economic assistance. In addition to the immediate support for families and the well-being of returning workers, the government's commitment to controlling fraud and expanding the social security fund services is noteworthy. Foreign employment has unfortunately become a breeding ground for unscrupulous practices that exploit the dreams and aspirations of hopeful workers. By emphasizing fraud control and awareness campaigns, the government is taking proactive measures to curb such malpractices and ensure that those seeking opportunities abroad are equipped with accurate information and are protected from potential exploitation.

While the government's efforts to enhance foreign employment management are laudable, there is a need for continued vigilance and a comprehensive approach. This includes collaborating with destination countries to ensure the rights and safety of Nepali migrant workers, negotiating favorable working conditions, and providing accessible avenues for workers to voice their concerns. It is heartening to learn that MoLESS is making a slew of efforts to make foreign employment safe and orderly. The focus on accurate information dissemination, fraud control, and awareness campaigns is a step towards empowering potential migrant workers to make informed decisions about their overseas employment prospects. By prioritizing the welfare of its citizens, the government is not only upholding its duty but also setting a positive precedent for other countries to follow. As a newspaper, we appreciate the government for its decision to provide Rs 1 million to the families of deceased migrant workers, along with the broader efforts to improve foreign employment management. Nepal's migrant workers, who play a pivotal role in keeping the country's economy afloat, deserve such support and recognition. This is a step in the right direction, and we hope to see further collaborative efforts and initiatives aimed at creating a safer and more dignified experience for all Nepali migrant workers.

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