Warning against construction of cable car in Pathibhara area

Published On: July 20, 2022 02:30 PM NPT By: Khagendra Adhikari

TAPLEJUNG, JULY 20: The Mukumlung Joint Struggle Committee has expressed its anger against Fungling Municipality for extending the term of a cable car company, saying that there has been no change in its five-point stand.

The Joint Struggle Committee and Kirant Yakthung Chumlung warned that the construction of the cable car in the Pathibhara area of ​​Taplejung will not be allowed through a joint press conference on Tuesday. In the press conference, Indira Menyangwo, the district president of Kirant Yakthung Chumlung, said, “The construction of a cable car cannot be envisaged without addressing the five-point demand we put forward in the past.”

She said that by ignoring the demands and ideas of the protesting organizations, the Fungling town government has taken the protest to conflict by extending the term of the Pathibhara cable car company. Saroj Kangliwa, the co-coordinator of the struggle committee, raised objections to the municipality saying that Fungling Municipality has decided to amend the project period itself and extend the project period of the Pathibhara cable car company, which is an insult to the rights of the indegenous people over their land.

Kangliwa said that they will protest strongly against the decision of the town government to extend the tenure of the cable car company without any hearing to their demands. "We are ready to take any action against this decision of Fungling Municipality," Kangliwa said, “The town government should be responsible for any uncomfortable situation arising from this."

Pradeep Maden, who describes himself as a well-wisher of the Mukumlung Joint Struggle Committee, claimed that the municipality has attacked the Mundhumi site of the Yakthung Limbus by extending the term of the cable car company.

Municipal Spokesperson Mohan Neupane said that the executive committee meeting on July 13 had amended the procedures related to the cable car operation permit, and the next day on July 14, the deadline of Pathibhara Mata Cable Car Company was extended.

The Struggle Committee has drawn everyone's attention to the fact that the case is under consideration in the court and that there are general provisions of national and international rules and laws to protect the faith and belief of the community.

The Struggle Committee has been demanding that the religious place Mukumlung (Pathibhara) should be give the Mundhumi name Mukulmung in the original, historical and mythological perspective, and the Nepal government should cancel the order to form the Pathibhara Area Development Committee and form the Mukumlung Area Development Committee with the consent, leadership and involvement of the native people.

Similarly, the Struggle Committee has been demanding that the contract with the company for any construction work in the Mukumlung area be canceled and that Mukumlung be developed, protected, and promoted on the basis of cultural and human rights of the native Yakthung Limbus. Pathibhara Devi Darshan Cable Car Pvt Ltd has said that it will start the cable car construction process in the Pathibhara area with an investment of about Rs 3 billion.


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