Creating something new

Published On: January 3, 2020 12:15 PM NPT By: SITU MANANDHAR

Sanim KC, 20-year-old book and lyrical video illustrator, is known for his realist art of famous celebrities on Instagram. His painting of Lord Krishna won him an award at the Student Quality Circle conducted in Lucknow in India.

Dancing her way to the top

Published On: January 3, 2020 12:05 PM NPT By: KUMUDINI PANT

Rupa Ghising never thought she would pick dance as her profession. And yet, here she is, gracefully waltzing through her way through her career—ambitious and relentless.

Caring for contact lenses

Published On: January 3, 2020 10:59 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Say goodbye to foggy glasses, continuous repairs, the heaviness of plastic on your nose and the tightness of metal behind your ears. Instead, say hello to taking three minutes to correct your eyesight, blinking out the thorniness of a lens and finally getting to show off your mascaraed eyelashes.

Keeping your hands and feet warm in winter

Published On: January 3, 2020 10:51 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Winter is here and the months of December and January are the worst months ever in terms of cold. And this year, the weather seems to have gotten worse. While we might wrap ourselves in layers of heavy clothes, it’s often difficult to keep our hands and feet warm.

The hunt for reasonably priced clothes

Published On: January 3, 2020 10:42 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

You can never have too many clothes, especially during winter. But you might not always be able to afford a lot of clothes or keep updating your wardrobe. Which is why it’s important to know where to shop. If you think shopping in the city is an expensive affair, think again for there are some really great stores that sell good quality clothes at unbelievable prices. Here are our top five picks.

What’s the rudest experience you have ever had?

Published On: January 3, 2020 10:02 AM NPT By: The Week Bureau

Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Or so we like saying. But there are some experiences that stay with us long after we have moved on. Here, some people talk about such memories.

Unsatisfactory education

Published On: January 3, 2020 09:40 AM NPT By: KUMUDINI PANT

From the outside, the Central Higher Secondary School for the Deaf looks just like any other government school. But in the dusty ground of Bal Mandir the yellow buildings house a school that has been the educational institution for the differently-abled since 1977.

Finding your voice

Published On: December 27, 2019 12:06 PM NPT By: KUMUDINI PANT

“We don’t just discuss current affairs. This place is a platform for all youths to network, participate in extracurricular events, share information, learn how to speak publicly, and ask correct questions at the correct time in a correct manner,” says Abdush Miya, the founder of The Orator’s House.

Promoting Mithila Art

Published On: December 27, 2019 11:40 AM NPT By: Anweiti Upadhyay

Trishna Singh Bhandari, founder of Mithila House, claims that most Nepalis have a very narrow idea of Mithila art. According to Singh, people often think Mithila art is just wall art and paintings with side-turned faces when it’s actually so much more than that. It was to bring about a shift in that mindset that Singh founded Mithila House. She wanted to promote this exquisite, traditional form of art in all its glory.  “I realized that most people in Kathmandu and even other parts of Nepal don’t know much about Mithila art or appreciate it for what it is and wanted to change that,” says Bhandari who is originally from Mahottari. Thus, developing a platform that would propel this form of ancient art into mainstream attention became crucial.

Bleak but not boring

Published On: December 27, 2019 11:34 AM NPT By: URZA ACHARYA

Kenji, a 20-something-year-old Japanese, organizes sex tours around Tokyo for foreigners. And while doing so, Kenji has formed his ideas and opinions of the world around him—from high school students working as hookers to the tourists who approach him for his services, he thinks he can read their boring lives like a book. All this, however, is turned right upside down when he meets a new client—an American named Frank.