KATHMANDU, Aug 6: Police have suspected that Nishant Khadka, 11 of Kandaghari, who had been missing since yesterday evening has been kidnapped.

MEXICO CITY, Aug 5: Carlos Antonio Santamaria Diaz may be only 12 years old, but he has already enrolled in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and will begin his biomedical physics studies on Monday.The child prodigy earned his place in Mexico's most prestigious university after getting 105 points out of 109 in his admission test, becoming the youngest person to study a professional degree in the institution.

KATHMANDU, July 26:  Prachin Pant unveiled her first collection of poetry and photography book ‘broken rays of sunshine’ in an event at GG Machhan, Jhamsikhel.  The book was jointly launched by litterateur Viplop Prateek and artist Salil Subedi on Tuesday.

DOLPA, July 16: Police today arrested Jit Bahadur Shahi, 25, on charge of raping a fourteen-year-old girl.

DARCHULA, July 9: A 15-year-old girl died after being hit by a falling rock here this morning.

June 26: The sprightly great-grandmother ushered in her 102nd year with an indoor skydive.

KATHMANDU, May 15: Although over 5,000 public vehicles older than 20 years are plying the roads across the country according to government estimates, only 395 have been taken under control or dismantled, a data compiled by the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) shows.

Four years on from the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines FlightMH370, much is still unknown about what caused the aircraft to seemingly vanish over the South China Sea.

A 104-year-old Australian scientist is traveling to Switzerland to die.

PORT WENTWORTH, May 3: A crew of nine Puerto Ricans were flying an Air National Guard C-130 into retirement in Arizona when it crashed onto a highway in Georgia on Wednesday, and authorities said there are no survivors.

ILAM, May 2: In an extremely shocking case, an octogenarian lady has been reportedly raped and injured in Katahare village of Ilam.

50-year-old man held on rape charge

April 26, 2018 13:34 pm

UDAYAPUR, April 26: A man was arrested on the charge of rape at Katari municipality, Udayapur on Wednesday.

Eight new national records set

DHANUSHA, March 29 : A 13-year-old girl has been gang raped after being abducted from her home in Dhanusha on Wednesday night.

85-year-old jail bird dies

March 27, 2018 09:41 am

GAUSHALA, March 27: A jail bird serving his jail time in Jaleshwor prison house of Mahottari district died on Monday.

KATHMANDU, March 14: The government has enforced a policy banning public vehicles crossing 20 years of operation throughout the country from today.

BERLIN, Mar 2:  The young rebel behind a political campaign that could cause turmoil across Europe looks like a typical German university student — he’s usually in sneakers, jeans and a hoodie, has soft features, short blond hair and an overall polite demeanor.

GANGNEUNG, South Korea, Feb 23: The Russians finally have a gold medal at the Pyeongchang Olympics, thanks to a 15-year-old who beat the fellow teen who inspired her to become a figure skater.

KATHMANDU, Feb 22: Lawmaker Mahendra Yadav, who is younger than at least a dozen other members of parliament, is going to chair parliamentary meetings as the eldest member of the 275-member House until a speaker is elected.

ITAHARI, Feb 5: Police on Sunday filed a case against Surendra Bahadur Karki, 28, on charge of raping a ten-year-old girl of Itahari. Karki, a local of Khatyad, Mugu, was temporarily living in ward-8 of Itahari.

EAST BRIDGEWATER, Feb 4: Two sisters tied down and burned a 5-year-old girl, permanently disfiguring her, in a voodoo ritual meant to rid her of a demon causing her to misbehave, police said. The women also threatened to cut off the head of the girl’s 8-year-old brother with a machete, authorities said.

LOS ANGELES, Feb 2: A shooting at a Los Angeles middle school classroom Thursday that left one boy in critical condition, injured four others and had panicked parents in tears was an accident, police said.

GORKHA, Jan 22: Ten-year-old Susmita Baram, a second grader at Shree Madane Danda Secondary School (SMDSS) of Palungtar Municipality-5, carries her elder brother Laxman, 12, to the school every day.

KATHMANDU, Jan 11: Three months ago, Jiwan Prasad Bhandari of Chatrakot Rural Municipality-1, Hunga of Gulmi district discovered that both kidneys of his 13-year-old daughter were damaged.

TENNESSEE, Dec 20: The longest known frozen human embryo to result in a successful birth for a healthy baby girl.  A Tennessee couple has welcomed a baby girl who grew from an embryo that had been frozen for 25 years. It's believed to be the longest-frozen embryo to ever result in a birth.

Leopard kills 7-year-old girl

October 3, 2017 15:52 pm

ARGHAKHANCHI, Oct 3: A seven-year-old girl who was taken away by a leopard from Kur Benhore of Sandhikharka municipality has been found dead 13 hours after the incident.

LOS ANGELES, Sept 23: A 12-year-old singing ventriloquist is getting a $1 million prize and her own Las Vegas show after taking the ‘America’s Got Talent’ crown on the season 12 finale of the NBC reality competition.

ARGHAKHANCHI, Sept 5: A stone inscription believed to be 400 years old has been found at Jaluke Naumure of Shitganga Municipality in the district.

ALBION, N.Y., Sept 1:  Police say a 10-year-old central New York girl was beaten repeatedly, served food doused in hot sauce and dragged behind a vehicle.

LOS ANGELES, August 27: Singer Miley Cyrus has recruited an 85-year-old drag queen to perform with her at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

CHARIKOT, August 27: A woman has been taken under control after the death of her husband at Bhedpu area of Melung rural municipality – 4 here in Dolakha district. The deceased has been identified as 83 – year – old Karna Bahadur Tamang of Melung rural municipality – 7.

14-year-old girl raped in Mugu

August 24, 2017 02:13 am

MUGU, August 24: A man in Mugu has been accused of raping a fourteen-year-old girl.

MUSARNIYA, August 20: There was no sign that the continuous rain since Friday night would stop till Saturday morning. Suddenly, water from the Bighi river gushed into the settlement. Within few minutes, the entire village was inundated.

SAPTARI, August 14: On Sunday, a picture of a five-year-old dead child being swept away by the Koshi River in Saptari district gained widespread attention in the social media. The child has been identified as Kamalu Sada of Tilathi-Koiladi Rural Municipality-6.

KATHMANDU, August 14: Dev Kumar Sada (L), uncle of 8-year-old flood victim Kamal Sada, guides the boy's dead body in the Koshi River at Kulari Village in Saptari district, Nepal, on August 13

Three -year-old girl drowns in pond

August 9, 2017 15:19 pm

KATHMANDU, August 9: A three-year-old girl drowned in a pond at Terohata of Rupani Rural Municipality-5 in Saptari today.

MAHOTTARI, August 7: Mahottari police has arrested a man on the charge of coaxing a 14-year-old girl into having sex with him in the district.

BHOJPUR, July 17: An 11-year-old rape victim from Yaku in Arun Municipality-5 of Bhojpur district has been banished from her village after become pregnant.

DOLAKHA, July 17: Police have arrested an elderly man on charges of raping a six-year-old from Bhimeshwor Municipality-7 in the district.

PALPA, July 12: A 25-year-old youth was killed after a bike plunged some hundred metres downhill in Palpa.

113-year-old grandma votes

June 28, 2017 13:00 pm

BAITADI, June 28: One hundred and thirteen years old Pashupati Saud cast her ballot at 7 am today at the Bhumiraj Lower Secondary School polling centre at Suranaya Rural Municipality in Baitadi district.

GULMI, June 28: A 101 years old woman cast her votes at the Ramrajya Secondary School Polling Station of Gulmi district.

NEPALGUNJ, June 28: A 108 years old woman cast her votes at the District Forest Office Polling Station of Banke district.

SURUNGA, June 8: A minor girl was killed with a sharp weapon in Damak municipality of Jhapa on Wednesday evening.

BAITADI, May 18: Police arrested an 80-year-old man convicted of murdering four persons 42 years ago from Puchaudi Municipality-2 in the district.

POKHARA, May 14: A 103-year-old woman cast her vote at Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City -26.

NUWAKOT, May 14: A centenarian from the Kakani Village Council – 8, today cast his vote in the local level elections underway here in the district.

ITAHARI, May 11: A 106-year-old man of Morang district is keeping his fingers crossed with hopes of casting vote in the upcoming elections one last time before his ailing health fails him.

KATHMANDU, May 7: Family and supporters honored Sunday the 85-year-old climber who died attempting to regain his title as the oldest person to scale Mount Everest, while Nepali officials stressed the need to limit the age for such a daunting physical challenge.

BHIMDUTTANAGAR, May 3: A four – year – old girl was killed on the spot after getting crushed under a bus at a bus park in Bhimdattanagar, Kanchanpur on Tuesday evening.