ITAHARI, July 26: With the arrival of monsoon, Manju Magarati of Itahari ward-4, Gairigaun has started staying awake during the night. As the rain can trigger ravaging floods anytime, all she is trying to do is to ensure that none of her family members get killed during sleep.

July 19: Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is worried by the absence of key players from the club’s pre-season training camp in the United States, saying that the situation was “very bad” ahead of the Premier League campaign.

ILAM, July 14: A bulk of Nepal's vegetable exports via Kakarbhitta border point in eastern Nepal used to be tomatoes until the past fiscal year. However, with India stopping import of Nepali tomatoes, hundreds of farmers from Ilam district fear that their production this year will simply go waste with no one to purchase them.

NEPALGUNJ, July 8: Two people were killed and three others were injured in Fattepur of Banke district last Saturday after being electrocuted. The incident happened after power line transmitting high voltage snapped and touched another power line transmitting low voltage power to residences. Because of the high voltage, electricity meter and equipments in many households were burned along with claiming lives of three pigs, a cow and a buffalo in the same locality.

LALITPUR, June 8: Stakeholders are worried about the degrading environment of Godavari area in the southern outskirts of Kathmandu due to unmanaged waste.

In the build-up to the big day, US TV channel Lifetime has released a movie chronicling their love story.

GORKHA, April 29: Two years ago, land acquisition deal for the Budhigandaki Hydro Project was finalized and the land to be acquired for project was blocked from sales. However, the owners of the land have still not received the compensation for the land. Let alone distributing compensation, the government has not yet fixed rate of the land in some cases.

KATHMANDU, Mar 12: Both the government and the private sector are putting high emphasis on increasing tourist footfalls to Nepal in recent years. Though the number of tourists is increasing, their spending has not increased as desired.

Bhaskar Koirala, the Director of Nepal Institute of International and Strategic Studies (NIIS), has extensively researched Nepal-China relations. He was also among the first proponents of the idea of trilateral cooperation between Nepal, India and China.

UDAYAPUR, Nov 17: As the upcoming elections have fallen in the harvesting season, farmers are more worried about harvesting their crops than listening to the exaggerated promises of candidates and casting votes for them.

Farmers worried as cardamom prices fall

November 8, 2017 08:02 am

KHOTANG, Nov 7 : Farmers of Khotang have been keeping cardamom stored in their houses since the last three years as they are not getting suitable price in the market. Though the production is increasing every year the market price of cardamom is going down, so farmers have chosen to store their product waiting for price to increase.  Sangram Rai from Sakela Rural Municipality of Khotang has been storing cardamom since the past three years. “All the produced cardamom has been stored as the price of cardamom declined awfully,” said Sangram Rai, owner of Dandakharka Multipurpose Agricultural Farm. “We did not sell our last year’s product waiting for the price to increase.”

DHANGADHI, Oct 27: Ram Gulabi Chaudhary is worried these days after irrigating the land that he had leased to cultivate barley and mustard. It has already been a while after irrigating the land, but he cannot sow the seeds in lack of fertilizers. Now he fears the land will dry and he has to spend money again for irrigation.

Flood survivors worried about shelter

August 23, 2017 15:31 pm

POKHARA, Aug 23: Flood survivors of Machhapuchchhre rural municipality of Kaski district are worried more about shelter than the food.

KATHMANDU, July 8: Amid delays in forming the Constituency Delineation Commission and clearing other legal hurdles, the Election Commission (EC) is worried whether this could affect elections of provincial and central parliaments within January 2018, the deadline set by the new constitution.

KATHMANDU, July 6: Lawmakers have expressed concern, saying the environment and the ecosystem has gradually been threatened as the national and community forests are coming under increasing encroachment.

JHAPA, June 11: While both the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) and the main opposition CPN-UML have been claiming that they would win 10 out of 15 local units in Jhapa district, both the parties are in a situation where they have to be more wary of intra-party conflict rather than threats from their competitors. Of late, both the parties have been witnessing increasing conflicts among their own leaders over providing the election tickets.

BANEPA, June 5: Farmers of Kavre and Sindhupalchowk districts are in deep trouble as Agriculture Inputs Company Ltd (AICL) and Salt Trading Corporation Ltd (STCL) have failed to supply sufficient chemical fertilizers there.

KHOTANG, June 3: On February 20 when the Pushpa Kamal Dahal led government announced local elections after a hiatus of nearly 20 years, the whole nation sprang up in joy.

GORKHA, March 9: An earthquake victim in Barpak, Suka Bahadur BK, has received Rs 50,000 from the government as the first installment of house grant. Though the deadline set by the government to construct the foundation of house is closing in, he has not been able to even start the construction.

Fernando Torres's head injury shocked his Atletico Madrid team mates as the striker had to be carried off on a stretcher towards the end of Thursday's 1-1 draw at Deportivo La Coruna.

KALIKOT, Jan 25: Hundreds of endangered animals found in community forests of Kalikot districts are being hunted for the illegal wildlife trade. This has posed serious threat to the survival of the species, which are already threatened by rampant deforestation and climate change.

BANKE, Jan 14: 85-year old Buddha Tharu of Baijapur village looks quite upset these days. The factor behind his unhappiness is the lack of excitement among the young Tharus for celebrating the festival of Maaghi. “People have stopped loving and celebrating Maaghi the way it was done in the past. This is not a pleasant matter,” laments the octogenarian. “They don't rejoice eating even Dhikri, Ghongi these days. This attitude is relegating to a mere formality, not something organic that the community loves,” he added.

ILAM, Oct 31: Sudden slump in the price of cardamom has become a matter of concern for the farmers here. Cardamom is the second major cash crop after ginger in Ilam district.

KATHMANDU, Oct 24: Microfinance institutions (MFIs) have sought permission to mobilize deposit from public after their traditional source of fund is likely to dry up following the new requirement for commercial banks to extend 2 percent of their total loans to deprived sector.

Farmers worried by fertilizer shortage

September 13, 2016 00:00 am

GORKHA, Sept 13: Acute shortage of fertilizers during the peak season of farming has put farmers in Gorkha district in dilemma. The farmers are extremely worried over the lack of fertilizers after 23 agriculture cooperatives with license to distribute fertilizers to the farmers stopped supplying them. The cooperatives, which were selling fertilizers to local businessmen at higher rates, have stopped supplying fertilizers following a recent monitoring by the government.

My mom is worried about controversies

August 26, 2016 11:52 am

Actress Sonakshi Sinha says while her father and actor Shatrughan Sinha understands that controversies are a part and parcel of showbiz, her mother Poonam Sinha gets worried about the controversies involving her.

ROME, Aug 19: With Serie A set to start Saturday with Roma hosting Udinese and five-time defending champion Juventus facing Fiorentina, here are a few things to know about the Italian league: