Providing equal opportunity to women in elections is crucial to believe in women’s capacity and change stereotypes in politics.

BIRENDRANAGAR, April 25: Nepali Congress (NC) has fielded women candidates in Narayan Municipality while CPN-UML has fielded women candidates in Birendranagar. The two parties have fielded Nirmala Khadka in Narayan and Mohan Maya Dhakal in Birendranagar municipalities.

Women won 91 percent of deputy seats in municipalities, deputy mayors in municipalities, and vice-chairpersons in rural municipalities, whereas men won 98 percent of main roles such as mayors and chairpersons (Election Commission 2017). This was due to the fact that women were nominated for mayor/chairperson in only 190 of the 753 mayor/chairperson seats across the country, representing only 25% of the total positions.

The Constitution of Nepal—like other constitutions of the world—will also evolve over the time