Who will manage wetlands?

February 11, 2020 07:29 am

The government needs to consider wetlands management as a top priority. First of all, however, institutional clarity is needed for effective management

Leave the wetlands wet

February 4, 2020 11:59 am

World Wetland Day (WWD) was celebrated on February 2 this year. This marks the day of signing the first environmental treaty, Ramsar Convention (1971), in the Iranian city of Ramsar. The Convention defines wetland as “areas of marsh, fen, peatland or water, whether natural or artificial, permanent or temporary, with water that is static or flowing, fresh, brackish or salt including areas of marine water, the depth of which at low tide does not exceed six metre”.

Save the wetlands

February 17, 2019 01:30 am

Despite multiple benefits, wetlands have received little attention from climate scientists and policymakers, aggravating their deterioration

Wetland in Siraha gets attention

July 28, 2018 06:54 am

SIRAHA, July 28: ‘Eco-tourism’ is a buzz word in Golbazar Municipality these days. The wetland around Lamamada forest at the base of a Chure hill have caught the attention of concerned stakeholders. The provincial and local governments, locals, district forest office and the municipality office have jointly been working for eco-tourism by conserving the wetlands.

BIRATNAGAR, June 2: Situated at Morang’s Belbari, the Betana wetland is a popular tourism hub. The records of the wetland show that five hundred to eight thousand three hundred visitors visit the wetlands on a day-to-day basis contributing to its annual revenue of 15 million (sawa-crore).

BANEPA, July 13: A conservation effort targeting the endangered wetland areas in Kavrepalanchowk is being undertaken in coordination between the Community Forest Consumer Group and District Forest Office.