The Chitwan incident serves as a wake-up call for all stakeholders concerned to take immediate action to ensure fair prices for farmers.This is not only a moral obligation but also a matter of economic and social justice. The government must take the lead in this regard and implement policies and programs that will empower farmers and help them thrive. Consumers also have a role to play and must be conscious of the choices they make in their daily lives. By working together, we can create a brighter future for farmers in Chitwan and beyond.

CHITWAN, July 25: Continuous rain has caused much damage to crops and vegetables in the district. The excessive accumulation of water in the fields has damaged the crops.

Here’s a sentence that might come as a surprise: Cabbage is cool. That taken-for-granted vegetable, that sturdy, dense staple of many a poor, ancestral homeland, is finally getting respect.

BUTWAL, Aug 22: Though the government statistics have shown that every year the production of vegetables is increasing, the import of vegetables has not reduced.

How to be safe from pesticides

July 23, 2019 17:48 pm

It’s not shocking any more to know that tons of vegetable and fruits entering country from the southern border contain deadly pesticides.  Due to the high demand of vegetables, urban areas are much likely to consume such food products. Chemicals used to preserve such vegetable and fruit have direct effects on human health. Hence, health professionals have recommended to not consume such food products.

KATHMANDU, July 19: The government today morning conducted monitoring in Kalamiti and Balkhu fruits and vegetable markets in the wake of the soaring price of vegetables in the Kathmandu Valley lately.

KATHMANDU, July 11: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said he would look into the matter wherein he was reportedly not informed of the letter from the Indian embassy in relation to pesticide test in Indian imported fruits and vegetables.

Vegetables on their own can be a great option for grilled kebabs, because they cook quickly and, when done right, offer a crisp, charred exterior and a juicy, tender interior. Tossing grilled vegetables with a bold dressing can do wonders to brighten up an otherwise boring dinner, but for our take on vegetable kebabs, we took the idea one step further. We tossed the vegetables with half of our dressing base before skewering and grilling them, giving them great flavor from the start.

JUMLA, May 11: It has not been very long since Samjhana Devkota of Talichaur village started vegetable farming. Just like other village folks, she was accustomed to growing only crops in her field before.

The clock strikes 3 in the morning. It is very dark outside. He gets ready and boards the bus from Madhyapur Thimi. His final stop is Khasi Bazar in Kathmandu. Shyam Krishan Kayastha is a 50-year-old farmer. For over 30 years he has been following that monotonous routine. He travels around Machindra Bahal and Nardevi.

Vegetarian-friendly countries

August 24, 2018 09:38 am

The whole world is kind of a free pass for those who indulge in meat dishes. But for vegetarians traveling to new places can bring about quite a fair bit of culinary challenges by limiting their eating out options. There usually aren’t as many good options for vegetarians to choose from as considered to those who don’t have any dietary restrictions. However, we found out that there are some places that can be an absolute delight for vegetarians, places where they will get to sample the culture through its food.

KATHMANDU, July 24: According to Revenue Secretary Shishir Kumar Dhungana, the government imposed the new tax after finding income tax collection from the sector very low. He, however, clarified that the tax cannot be passed on to consumers.Fruits and vegetable traders have allegedly hiked prices after TDS came into effect from last Tuesday -- the start of new Fiscal Year 2018/19.

KATHMANDU, July 4: Officials at the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board are reviewing clarifications submitted by wholesalers and retailers who have rented out their stalls at the Kalimati Vegetables Market to other traders.

KATHMANDU, June 24: Price of vegetables has gone up significantly over the past week. While retailers attribute the price hike to erratic supply in the market due to monsoon rains, officials of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board say price has gone up as traders are keeping high profit margin.

It’s been over a week since Gulf countries stopped importing fruit and vegetables from Kerala, following the Nipah outbreak.

KHOTANG, May 20: Rupakot Majhuwagadi Municipality of Khotang has started strict plans to end the middlemen practice in vegetable sales in the municipality. Rules have been formulated to end the middlemen practice in the weekly bazaar held in Diktel.

Women shine in vegetable farming

April 17, 2018 04:30 am

KHOTANG, April 17: At a time when thousands of people from the rural areas are opting for foreign employment due to the lack of job opportunities in the country, Durga Basnet of Majuwaghadi Municipality-4 in Khotang district has set a different example through her success in vegetable farming.

Nepal is taking steps towards agricultural diversification and commercialization which has shown hopes for improvement of country’s economy, decreased unemployment and importation of agricultural products and increased women’s participation in contribution to national economy. But the commercialization has brought a serious threat along with it which is of major concern.

SARLAHI, Feb 10: The famous vegetable market of Lalbandi which has been extended to the East-West Highway has been blamed for increased traffic congestion and accidents on the highway. From the early morning to late evening, the highway seems full of vehicles carrying huge loads of vegetables. Unfortunately, that has increased traffic congestion on the highway.

KATHMANDU, Jan 20: The price of fruits and vegetables in the Nepali market is generally at a higher end throughout the year. While the consumers in the capital and other cities often complain about the high price of fruits and vegetable, the case of farmers producing vegetables is different as they make only nominal money despite the hard work they put into their products.

BAJHANG, Dec 18: The Tamail Vegetable Collection Center (TVCC) of Bajhang, which was built for collecting and selling vegetables of farmers, has now turned into a sex trade hub and a shed for cattle.

Other major vegetable markets of the Valley including the ones at Balkhu, Baneshwar, Koteswar, Balaju, and Chabahil, let alone the many small markets, are yet to acquire such testing labs, according to observations made by Republica.

PARBAT, Oct 16: By putting aside all other professions, locals of Mahashila Rural Municipality ward no 5 of Kahule in Parbat district have engaged themselves in vegetable farming which has proved to be a major source of income for many.

ITAHARI, Oct 11: Narayan Mahat, 59, wakes up at 3 am every morning. Gets ready in half an hour, packs up the vegetable stock readied before sleeping and rushes to the market to sell it off. He has been doing this for years.

UDAYAPUR, August 20: Heavy rainfall since the past week, which has caused physical damage and loss of property across the country, has not spared Udaypur either.

KATHMANDU, Aug 14: Recent floods in the eastern part of Nepal have caused the supply of vegetables to the Kathmandu Valley to go down by at least 100 tons.

KATHMANDU, July 23: The Narayanghat-Mugling road section saw recurring obstructions the past year, but it had little effect on the vegetable supply of the Kathmandu Valley. A surplus of vegetable supply from neighboring districts has prevented substantial change in the price, which is different in comparison to the previous year's high prices.

KATHMANDU, July 18: Wholesale price of vegetables has started to climb up as the end of growing season nears. Seasonal vegetables like tomato (small), eggplant, cow pea, French bean and capsicum have seen consecutive price hike in the last three days.

Vegetable production up in Parsa

April 22, 2017 10:42 am

BIRGUNJ, April 22: Production of summer vegetables has increased in Pars this year, compared to figures of last year.

BIRGUNJ, Feb 19: The Birgunj Sub Metropolitan City this morning evicted vegetable vendors from a land property it owns near the Ghantaghar area.

BAJHANG, Jan 30: There was a time when Hari Datta Awasthi of Sunkuda, Bajhang proudly walked with his rifle and a bag of  dynamite on his back with the aim of changing the society with his revolutionary spirit. This former deputy battalion commander of the Maoist army is now reinventing his life by starting a vegetable farming in the dry lands of Sunkuda.

KATHMANDU, Dec 31: Nepal’s potential for vegetable exports remain largely unexploited, according to findings of field survey and wider consultations held with various stakeholders.

KATHMANDU, Aug 1: Price of fresh vegetables in Kathmandu have started coming down in the wholesale market, thanks to improved supplies from different parts of the country.

KATHMANDU, July 6: Market monitoring officials were in for a surprise when they reached Balkhu Vegetables Market on Tuesday for market inspection.