Vegetarian varieties

November 24, 2017 08:53 am

You might think you need chicken, eggs, or fish to cook tasty dishes but you would be surprised as to what you can do with some simple veggie ingredients. “It is actually an easy job to cook meatless dishes. If you think about it, vegetarians have a lot of choices. All you need to do is discard a single item ‘meat’ from the meals and your vegetarian food is ready. And when it comes to taste, what else can beat the wide ranges of flavors extracted from the unlimited list of veggies,” says Anil Maharjan, chef and mentor at National Institute of Culinary Arts (NICA).

CHITWAN, June 13: With paddy plantation season nearing, farmers of Chitwan are busy preparing seedbeds to sow paddy seeds. Most of them are sowing seeds of one or two varieties. But Chandra Prasad Adhikari, a local farmer, has sowed 103 varieties of paddy seeds in his seedbeds.