KATHMANDU, July 12: National Assembly member Bamdev Gautam has claimed that the vacant posts of Deputy Speaker and Vice-chairperson of the Federal Parliament could not be filled due to the irresponsibility of the government and political parties.

KATHMANDU, Oct 26: The term of 20 members of the National Assembly (NA) who will complete their four-year term in the upper house of the federal parliament, is coming to an end. The Election Commission (EC) has suggested the government hold the election for the vacant posts in the third week of January.

KATHMANDU, Dec 9: Election commission has started holding discussions on the upcoming elections to be held to pick the new members of the National Assembly.

KAILALI, Sept 30: The process of infrastructural development in Sudur Paschim province has been hit hard as the Ministry of Infrastructure Development does not have even half the number of employees allocated for it. While the total quota for employees at the ministry is 55, it has just 22 employees.