KATHMANDU, Oct 20: Nepal Police has unveiled a recruitment drive with more than 350 positions up for grabs. Specifically, 96 vacancies are available for the role of Police Inspector, while an additional 260 opportunities are offered for Assistant Sub Inspectors of Police.

KATHMANDU, April 28: The Health Insurance Board (HIB) has opened a vacancy in contract services. The HIB opened vacancies for 55 people for the post of registered officer (Fifth grade non-gazetted).

KATHMANDU, Sept 23: The Armed Police Force has opened the recruitment for officer level. Vacancies have been announced for 79 police inspectors and 83 police assistant sub inspectors of the Armed Police Force.

KATHMANDU, August 10: A total of 277 applications have been filed for 27 positions of judges at the High Court. For the appointments, the Judicial Council (JC) announced vacancies for the court by setting making standards.

KATHMANDU, July 3: Nepal Police Headquarters has opened a vacancy for 443 Assistant Sub Inspectors of Police (ASIs).

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has announced a vacancy for lower secondary (level three) teachers.

KATHMANDU, Oct 16:  Nepali Police has invited applications from all qualified Nepali nationals for over 5,000 vacant positions.

KATHMANDU, June 14: The main opposition Nepali Congress (NC) on Thursday urged the government to withdraw the vacancies announced by the Public Service Commission and announce fresh vacancies as per the constitutional provision on proportionate reservations.

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KATHMANDU, June 10: The State Affairs Committee (SAC) of the House of Representatives has directed the Public Service Commission to scrap the vacancies at various local levels as these vacancies were against the principle of inclusive representation.

KATHMANDU, June 6: Lawmakers have demanded annulment of recent vacancy announced by Public Service Commission, saying it was not proportional and inclusive. Speaking in zero hour of today’s meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR), they demanded response of the views put forth in the zero hour, saying the vacancy announced by PSC against the sentiment of the constitution should be scrapped.

KATHMANDU, June 6: As the Province 2 government threatens to launch a legal challenge against the recent vacancy announcement by the Public Service Commission (PSC) arguing that the announcement is in breach of the principles of proportional representation enshrined in the constitution, the PSC said the announcement is in line with the constitution and will not be withdrawn.

KAILALI, June 5: Deputy Prime Minister Upendra Yadav has expressed his dissatisfaction with the fiscal budget presented last month by the government saying that his party despite being a ruling coalition partner was not consulted in the budget preparation process.

KATHMANDU, Oct 15: Amid delay in the adjustment of civil servants in the absence of Federal Civil Service Act, the government has directed the Public Service Commission (PSC) not to announce fresh vacancies for civil servants for the next two months.