KATHMANDU, March 25: Mobile phone access has reached 73.2 percent of the general public in Nepal.

Facebook has just blocked a truckload of apps from accessing its user's data.

Internet and user security

July 17, 2017 12:33 pm

Internet has completely changed the way people interact, and optimized the way business is conducted. It has made life easier for everyone and now people are quite dependent on it. That ‘everyone’ includes criminals and conmen along with all benign internet users. Alas! Internet has not only eased people’s lives, but also put them within the reach of those with malicious intent. If you do not tread with caution, more likely than not, you are going to be a victim of cybercrimes.

The United Nations helped launch a smartphone app Tuesday that allows users to “walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes” by simulating the daily struggles of a fictional Rohingya Muslim who was forced to flee her home.

User conference on GIS tech held

April 19, 2017 23:20 pm

KATHMANDU, April 19: Esri India organized the first user conference in Kathmandu on Wednesday under the theme of “Geographical Information System (GIS) - Enabling Transformation”.

KATHMANDU, Aug 8: State-owned telecommunication service provider Nepal Telecom (NT) is slowly losing any remaining brand loyalty it may have commanded in the market following the telco’s failure to assure proper services.