Urbanization, Investments and Economy

November 26, 2023 09:00 am

According to world bank data, the world’s urban population has grown from 34% in 1960 to 57% in 2022. At the same time, per capita income has grown from USD 456 to USD 12,647. However, the economic performance of South Asia has been below par in comparison to average global economic performance.

KATHMANDU, May 20: Minister for Urban Development Ram Kumari Jhakri has said that the urban policy of 2064 BS will be revised to suit the country’s long-term needs.

KATHMANDU, April 12: Minister for Urban Development, Ram Kumari Jhakri has said that migration and urbanization has taken a dangerous form.

Deurbanizing Nepal

November 9, 2019 00:35 am

Nepal is considered as least developed country striving to reach the status of developing nation by 2022. The grand dream of “Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis” will only be possible when Nepal adopts its own development model accordingly with its national context. Rural population in Nepal was reported at 81 percent in 2016, according to the World Bank’s collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

Nepal is going urban

November 5, 2019 01:00 am

Types of economic activities, degree of infrastructure development, inter-connection with the outer regions and way of living of people determine whether a place is rural or urban. Human civilization has developed through the rural mode in every part of the world. From the hunter-gatherers to discovery of fire and shift toward agriculture and technology, the basis of way of life of people has always been the activities they are involved in. Today, there has been a paradigm shift of way of life of people, from the rural to the urban. Urbanization has continued to ascend in a rapid way.

Revolution in digital age

October 1, 2019 01:30 am

There will first be a few revolutionaries, who are joined by hundreds of thousands then supported by millions. It happens without a central leadership and starts on the Internet

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In the name of development

February 1, 2019 07:39 am

They say you can get a sense of the beauty of any city from the air – the bright lights, the roads, houses, greenery, landmark monuments and the like. If you are the sort of person who likes the window seat on airplanes (which I do) you would have noticed these details as you come in to land at most airports around the world. When it comes to Kathmandu, it’s a bit, err, different, for lack of a better word. Whereas in other cities you might see neat streets at right angles, well lit roads, and some semblance of planning, over here what greets you is just a grey jumble of concrete houses like Lego blocks and what can only be described as a textbook case of haphazard, unchecked urbanization. And all of this visibility is only during daylight hours. At night, it’s near impossible trying to spot anything from the air.

KATHMANDU, Dec 9: Everyone loves flowers. But finding flowers around the capital is a tough ask. Rapid urbanization has limited the number of parks and gardens in the valley.

Waste management is a huge problem in Nepal. Rampant and haphazard urbanization and unplanned waste management system often result in piles of garbage everywhere you look and that affects the country’s environmental health as well as the economy. Doko Recyclers is a social venture started to streamline the unsystematic waste management and work on (and make people aware about) recycling waste products. Their latest project Tatva Upcycle is a creative initiative that prolifically creates new products with creative designs out of discarded waste materials. Although it was introduced in late October this year via Doko Recyclers’ Facebook page, the Doko team had been working on making new useful things out of waste since its inception in July 2017.


November 3, 2018 18:40 pm

The week in pictures for October 28- November 3.

Aging population and urbanization are two global trends that together comprise major forces shaping the 21st century. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that “average life expectancy at birth in 1955 was just 48 years; in 1995 it was 65 years; in 2025 it will reach 73 years”.

Sept 21: 6 things to know by 6 PM today

September 21, 2018 18:00 pm

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MEXICO, Sept 21: Global waste could grow by 70 percent by 2050 as urbanization and populations rise, the World Bank said Thursday, with South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa set to generate the biggest increase in rubbish.

World’s population increasingly urban: 80% live within 1 HR of a city

Great Chinese urbanization

April 10, 2017 10:29 am

HONG KONG: Residential property prices in China’s first-tier cities—Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen—are back up. A home there now runs buyers half as much as a home in the world’s most expensive cities: New York City, London, and Hong Kong.

KATHMANDU, Sept 29: Experts have said that the private sector has a key role in ushering in well-managed urbanization in the country.

POKHARA, June 28: Asar 15 that falls on 29 June this year is celebrated as ‘paddy day’ every year. For an agricultural country like ours, it sounds like a matter of high significance.