GORKHA, March 16: An unmarried mute woman of Arughat Rural Municipality-10 gave birth to a daughter on February 27.  As she is unable to speak, she is finding it difficult to convince the locals about the legitimate father of her child since the person with whom she had physical relationship denies it. Family members of the thirty-five-year-old girl are seeking justice for the physically challenged girl who has been cheated by her boyfriend.

ACHHAM, Jan 1: The minimum age for marriage in Nepal is 20 for both men and women. The body of women below that age is not considered to be fully prepared to give birth to babies. However, in this part of the country, early marriage, which is also called child marriage is going on abated. Doctors claim that early motherhood coupled with lack of proper care and food has been forcing many women to live life with the prolapsed uterus.

When her parents heard that she was pregnant, they did not congratulate her. She wasn’t married. It would tarnish her image, they thought, and she was told to rethink. But Bhawani Sharma*, a high ranking professional, was not ready to reconsider her decision and insisted on carrying the baby to full term.

Unmarried woman kills her infant

January 6, 2017 18:40 pm

LALITPUR, Jan 6: An unmarried girl has killed her infant soon after giving birth at Chapagaun in Lalitpur district.