KATHMANDU, Jan 8: Had it not been the COVID-19 pandemic, Kusum Panta, an undergraduate student at Golden Gate International College, would have already graduated with a Bachelor degree in Arts around this time. She would have then been following in the footsteps of her parents attending the long-awaited Public Service Commission (PSC) examinations.

BEIJING, Sept 29: China hopes Beijing and Washington will resolve their trade dispute “with a calm and rational attitude”, Vice Commerce Minister Wang Shouwen said on Sunday, ahead of talks in two weeks between the two sides.

DAMAK, Aug 4: Though the government has already approved Chinese investment of Rs 64 billion to construct Nepal-China Friendship Industrial Park, it is not sure that the park will be constructed.

Footprints of uncertainty

April 22, 2019 01:00 am

Nepali governments have a habit of engaging in negotiations only when a conflagration breaks out. Biplav proved to be a tougher nut to crack than Oli-Dahal had imagined

KATHMANDU, Dec 20: The much-awaited Melamchi Drinking Water Supply Project (MWSP) has fallen into yet another uncertainty after its contractor Italian company CMC got into trouble and decided to withdraw from the project.

TEXAS, June 22: The U.S. government wrestled with the ramifications Thursday of President Donald Trump’s move to stop separating families at the border, with no clear plan to reunite the more than 2,300 children already taken from their parents and Congress again failing to take action on immigration reform.

KATHMANDU, June 21: Reconstruction of prehistoric structures destroyed by earthquake still has not gained pace. The archaic heritages shielded with tents and zinc roof-top are still waiting for reconstruction.

LONDON, Feb 6: There can rarely have been a more complicated time to set interest rates for the UK economy.

KATHMANDU, Jan 16: Uncertainty continues over the formation of a new government as incumbent Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba appears determined to stay in office at least until the election of the upper house of parliament.

Further uncertainty grips stalled project

November 19, 2017 08:17 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: Works of Budhigandaki Hydroelectric Project have remained at a standstill for at least the last six months, particularly due to controversies over handing over the project’s contract to a Chinese company.

Climate of uncertainty

November 9, 2017 01:30 am

Climate change is not taken seriously in Nepal, as it is supposedly not something that directly impacts our ‘sovereignty’ and ‘territorial integrity’.

BEIRUT, Nov 5:  Lebanese prime minister Saad Hariri resigned from his post in a televised address from the Saudi capital Saturday, accusing Hezbollah of taking the country hostage, in a surprise move that plunged the nation into uncertainty amid heightened regional tensions.

KATHMANDU, April 29: Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) index dived 23.1 points this week to close at 1,670.62 points on Thursday -- the last trading day of the week.

KATHMANDU, April 20: Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) rebounded by 3.1 percent, or 49.98 points, on Wednesday after logging heavy losses in the past two days.

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: When India Prime Minister Narendra Modi withdrew the legal tender of Indian 500 and 1,000 rupee banknotes on November 8, it was meant to curb 'black money' and corruption, but the move itself has ironically created a new black market -- illegal exchange of those notes held in Nepal.

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: The restructuring of the local bodies has become a new bone of contention among the political parties of late. Many people had hoped the country would get a political outlet with the Madhes-centric parties participating in the Legislature-Parliament in the election of the new Prime Minister after a gap of nine months. It was expected to pave the way for initiation of dialogue among the parties for amending the constitution and ultimately to its implementation.

KATHMANDU, June 20: The parliament’s Public Accounts Committee on April 22 had said it would end a controversy over procurement for Solu Corridor Transmission Line within a week but since then it has not held a single formal meeting on the issue.