Lessons, trips and loads of fun

May 24, 2019 09:27 am

One of their most notable works is the documentary they did on the honey hunters of Nepal. Titled “Mad Honey Hunters of Nepal”, the documentary sequentially outlines the process and the struggles of the tribe of honey hunters in Lamjung who have harvested the “red honey” for over 200 years.

You have been warned

May 17, 2019 10:19 am

The world is large, its cultures countless, and its people peculiar. And it is only when you travel that you realize just how peculiar people can be. Take this for example, any other person from the west would hand their air tickets to the flight attendant without much care. It wouldn’t matter to them which hand they used or whether they used one hand or both.

What you wear is how you express yourself. Fashion is a form of expression. But there are many places around the world where you have to be mindful of what you wear and dress within strict codes of conduct.

Travel essentials

April 19, 2019 11:12 am

The number of people seeking adventure travel has increased significantly over the past few years. From hiking and trekking to mountain climbing, more and more people are enjoying connecting with nature as well as the thrill of adventure. However, many people are yet to master the planning and packing for adventure travel.

Born to travel

April 19, 2019 11:05 am

It’s hard to believe that Samde Sherpa wasn’t born into a family of avid travelers. Today he is one of the more popular travel/tour guides, traveler and photographer in the traveling circles of Nepal. In the last 15 years of his travels, he has covered an impressive distance, learnt to speak six languages, and led people to expeditions in the far corners of the country.

A team of 16 mountaineers from India who named themselves ‘Giripremis’ decided to climb all eight highest mountains of Nepal.

It was an honor for me to have the opportunity to represent Nepal in the international forum as a young apprentice. It was back on October 7, 2017, I was making my first international flight heading to Bangkok. My flight had been reserved in the Thai Airways by the travel agent named 'Sunshine Travel Agency' of Jawalakhel.

Traveling To Escape

March 22, 2019 09:47 am

Rakshya Shrestha attests to being studious. She did well in school and chose to study mechanical engineering. Although she loves her subject and decided to become an engineer at a very young age, the pressure gets to her every now and then.

Travel’s travails

March 16, 2019 01:55 am

Going round young and fragile mountains, I have wondered if it’s possible to shorten our journeys and provide people some relief

The Himalaya

March 6, 2019 10:28 am

Millions of years ago, when the mother earth was in a primitive era, where life struggled to exist, atmosphere boasted with its evil intentions, and rivers refused to quench the thirst; the rotation of earth led to the shifting of continents continuously.

Picture Perfect

February 22, 2019 10:00 am

Travel pages on Instagram that motivate you to pack your bags and explore Nepal

For the Himalayas

February 8, 2019 09:49 am

With the advent of technology more and more businesses involved in the service sector are embracing digital forms of service providing. And the intent is to stand out, ease the reach to services, and do it in their own way. Everyday startups in Nepal launch projects and events to relay their attempts at being innovative and convey their sincerity in wanting to help.

Prepossessing Panch Pokhari

January 29, 2019 16:31 pm

Nature is considered as the divinest gift of the creator. One of these notable gifts of nature on earth is Panch Pokhari. Nestled in the Himalayas and breathing-taking landscapes, it is equally blessed with religious and cultural values

The undeterred traveler

January 18, 2019 09:30 am

We all have our own unique reasons for traveling. Many travel because they need to, some travel by choice and some simply because they cherish it. Karan Rai travels because he wants to explore new places and experience new things. Always an outdoorsy person he loved to be out in the open. He loved the feel of fresh air on his face, to gaze at the open skies and revel in the beauty that came with the sun changing color during different times of the day.

Despite the pollution and the social injustices, Nepal is one of the best destinations for the people to travel. As #VisitNepal2020 works are running, promotion to the domestic places are equally going. There are lots of travelers who are helping to the goal directly or indirectly. Rishav Adhikari aka Shutter Psycho is one of those avid travelers. He travels and shares his followers on his social media about the stories of his exploration to the secrets of Nepal. He introduces himself as someone who is traveling somewhere all the time. During a chat with MyCity, he shared his experiences and thoughts about his adventure:

Winter travel tips

January 5, 2019 17:28 pm

Traveling in the winter isn’t the easiest thing to do – you have to pack way more clothing than you do in the summer and are often at the mercy of the weather – but it’s also incredibly rewarding. If you are or planning your winter vacation, you’ll have to venture out into the cold. These winter travel tips should prepare you to face winter weather.

Worst-case scenarios

January 4, 2019 09:30 am

The thing about traveling is that it brings about new experiences. But new doesn’t always mean good. Sometimes new means bad and by bad we mean worse. Imagine getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, running out of petrol when you are still miles away from your destination or, the worst of the lot, losing your passport in a faraway country.

Life on the road

December 22, 2018 00:10 am

I have fallen head over heels in love with places and people, colors and lights, cuisine and tastes and words and worlds

On her own

December 21, 2018 09:30 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 21: Prasuna Dongol, while studying filmmaking in the UK, returned to Nepal a total of five times during her four year undergraduate program. “I returned a month after going to the UK. I just missed home too much,” she says. In all the times she came back to Nepal, she traveled extensively to several places like Manang, Mustang, and Annapurna Base Camp, to name a few. “I could have gone trekking in the UK or in some other country but there is this innate sense of belonging when in comes to Nepal,” she says.

Tips for adventure travel

December 21, 2018 09:02 am

KATHMANDU, Dec 21: Nepal is a paradise when it comes to adventure travel. We have eight out of 14 tallest mountains in the world as well as the most exciting trekking trails including the Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp etc., to name a few. And every year, thousands of people ranging from first-timers to professionals come to these places to climb the mountains or trek around it. Places like these have enjoyed their fair share of visitors marveling at their natural beauty.

A spiritual journey

December 7, 2018 07:55 am

I recently got an opportunity to travel to a few places of religious interest in India and I jumped at the chance because a) traveling always intrigues me and b) being indifferent about religion and its various aspects I wanted to understand it a little better by experiencing some places and rituals in all their magnificence. What I hadn’t expected was a sort of spiritual awakening that these places would have on me.

Jeep operators surcharging passengers

November 21, 2018 08:55 am

DADELDHURA, Nov 21: People living around the district headquarters of Dadeldhuraa are forced to cough up Rs 100 to travel just seven kilometers.

Exploring America

November 17, 2018 00:25 am

I got this rare opportunity to travel around the United States of America with Dr Baburam Bhattarai. The journey covered areas from the East to West coasts and from north to south states within a month spanning mid-September to mid-October. This visit followed the similar tour we had taken to Europe in July-August. These visits helped us understand where Nepal stands and what development model Nepal actually needs.

Eat, Pray, Love? Not Always.

November 16, 2018 12:48 pm

It is when Elizabeth, the protagonist of the novel says, "I think I deserve something beautiful”, that motivated me to pack my bags for a solo travel.

POKHARA, Oct 24: Pokhara, widely regarded as Nepal’s best destination for travel and trek, is currently busy serving both foreign and domestic tourists amid Nepali festivals and tourist season.

KATHMANDU, Sept 26: As an indication of the citizens' changing travel habits, more Nepalis are setting out for international tours in recent years, especially during the festivals and holidays.

For the past five years, Samip Mainaly has traveled the highs and the lows of Nepal. He has traversed through the familiar trails of the country as well as been to the lesser-known places. As a travel guide, leading groups of travelers to unknown areas of Nepal is what he does best but he is a travel enthusiast himself and confesses he can’t just stay at one place for too long.

Truly Asian experience

September 8, 2018 08:41 am

Located partly on the Asian mainland, Malaysia is truly Asia, like the tagline of Malaysian tourism says. It is rich in culture and has lots of traditions. The five main races -- Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kadazan -- make up the majority of its population. It is one of the wealthiest countries in Southeast Asia and equally rich in biodiversity. Being in Malaysia made me more alive.

The majority of organizational practice and research focuses on exploring individuals’ creative capabilities while staying at work. An emerging strand of research supports the idea that employees’ job-related creativity can also be boosted as they take the time off.

What type of traveler are you?

August 27, 2018 07:57 am

Most of us love traveling. We enjoy visiting new places and exploring different countries. Travelling, be it for holidays, or work, requires intricate planning. Finances need to be sorted, groups need to be decided, and in the case of foreign trips visa procedures need to be fulfilled.  The planning process never ends. Also, after completion of the trip, another form of planning takes place. Before our travel hangover is gone, we start preparing for our next trip.

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas

August 17, 2018 13:05 pm

Traveling in Nepal can be a fascinating and eye-opening experience. The landscapes will amaze you, the people are helpful and kind, and, the moment you leave congested Kathmandu, the lush hills, vegetation, and the gurgling rivers will leave you soothed. But that is not all. You will also come across different people with various dialects and cultures. And the livelihoods and lifestyles at villages will teach you to appreciate life and its small wonders.

WASHINGTON, June 28: The seven nations under the Trump administration’s travel ban — upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court — include five majority Muslim countries, prompting dissenting Justice Sonia Sotomayor to assert that the entry restrictions were motivated by “animus toward the Muslim faith.

WASHINGTON, June 27: A sharply divided Supreme Court upheld President Donald Trump’s ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries Tuesday, the conservative majority taking his side in a major ruling supporting his presidential power. A dissenting liberal justice said the court was making a historic mistake by refusing to recognize the ban discriminates against Muslims.

KATHMANDU, June 19: Nepali authorities and entrepreneurs have participated in a travel fair in Hong Kong for the promotion of Visit Nepal Year 2020.

KATHMANDU, June 4: Himalayan Travel Mart (HTM) 2018 concluded in Kathmandu on Sunday.

KATHMANDU, June 2: With the theme 'Nepal, Gateway to Himalaya', 3-day-long Himalayan Travel Mart 2018 kicked off in Kathmandu on Friday.

KATHMANDU, May 27: Solo Travel Nepal has launched the ‘Fourth Solo Woman Travel Challenge’ this year as Swo-Yatra 2018.

The art of travel

May 18, 2018 08:55 am

The website of Backstreet Academy tells you it will help you meet people you would otherwise never meet and do things you will never get to do. It’s apparently how you should travel. And Backstreet Academy, a travel venture that connects travelers with locals and experts for a cultural exchange to make for an ultimate travel experience, aims to help tourists truly enjoy a place while the locals reap the benefits of tourism.

KATHMANDU, May 15: Nepal is hosting Himalayan Travel Mart (HTM) 2018 in Kathmandu on June 1-3, the organizers said in a press meet held on Monday.

KATHMANDU, April 27: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has said that offered its diverse tourism endowments to the Arabian travelers from the entire MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region at the Arabian Travel Mart (ATM) in Dubai.

KATHMANDU, April 19: The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) did not submit the details of around Rs 10 million spent in travel by two teams led by the then minister Gopal Man Shreshta and then secretary Shanta Bahadur Shrestha respectively.

BEIJING, April 18: Nepal is a natural area for cooperation between China and India, the Chinese government’s top diplomat State Councillor Wang Yi said on Wednesday, as he invited India to participate in connectivity projects between the three nations.

FRANKFURT, April 10: German airline giant Lufthansa said it will cancel "more than 800" flights on Tuesday as public-sector workers walk out on strike for more pay, hobbling major airports like Frankfurt.

Best friends Henry and Baloo have a lot in common - they have both been rescued and now enjoy long walks in the great outdoors. What makes them special to their many fans is that they are a dog and cat travelling duo.

KATHMANDU, March 25: The Nepali booth at Dhaka Travel Mart 2018 has attracted a huge audience at the 3-day international tourism fair, which began on March 24 in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.

Motivate youths to travel

March 25, 2018 08:54 am

I personally love writing diaries and adore traveling. And yet, those two things have never been able to come together, conjugate into one. One of these days I plan to change it and so does the government with its ‘Tourism Vision 2020’.

Taking on off season travel

March 16, 2018 09:40 am

We have heard people rave about the benefits of travelling during off seasons many times right here in our travel page. We have had travel agents note it as one of the effective ways to save while planning trips. We have had trekkers recall discovering completely new sights of well-known routes, even backpackers sharing the simple luxury of skipping long queues and tourist crowds, all because they chose to skip the travel season.

Hope for a hassle-free travel

March 10, 2018 08:53 am

I used to hear about how ordinary Nepali passport bearers were harassed for no reason in almost every immigration desk of major port of entries around the world. This undiplomatic harassment of Nepali passport bearers came into light on October 29, 2016 when Dr Baburam Bhattarai, ex-prime minister of Nepal, was detained by the immigration officers for about an hour in Hong Kong. He was travelling along with his wife and secretary using ordinary passports instead of diplomatic ones.

Inspiring travel through creativity

January 21, 2018 09:56 am

As many as 49 days of shooting, 2,000 GB of footages, more than 10 destinations, sketchy drone laws and an arrest make Milan Thapa’s newest project ‘Traverse Nepal: The Home Coming’. With over 200,000 views since it was published on Youtube on January 5, the video has created a bit of buzz among travelers and film enthusiasts in Nepal as well as abroad. Here is an inside look on Thapa’s journey in the film industry and his insight on his new film.

KATHMANDU, Dec 17 : Nepali Congress senior leader Ramchandra Poudel and Naya Shakti Nepal coordinator Baburam Bhattrarai returned to their own constituencies to thank voters.