LAHAN, Oct 2: Nepal became first the open defecation free country in South Asia following Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s formal announcement on Monday. Many celebrated the status. However, some criticized it as a fake claim.

DHADING, May 29: Nutrition, comfort, sanitation and so on are not such familiar terms for Fulmaya Chepang of Brushbang hill of Rorang Rural Municipality. She always ate what was available around. There was no choice. Having to get a full meal would be considered a matter of luck. “There was never enough food to eat, even when I was a nursing mother. It has been a life full of miseries,” she laments.

NUWAKOT, Nov 27: In lack of separate toilets for girls, Binita Regmi, an eleventh grader at Niranjana Secondary School (NSS) of Belkotgadhi Municipality-10 had to go through great ordeal especially during menstruation.

Rethinking toilets

November 19, 2018 00:30 am

One in three persons in the world lives without a decent toilet, which means much fecal waste is not safely dealt with

On World Toilet Day, a report by WaterAid shows that more than 650 million people in the world do not have access to clean water, and more than 2.3 billion do not have access to a safe, private toilet.

Rs 5 million spent in lavish program when target groups struggle with debt

DAMAK, March 11: Open defecation free (ODF) campaign, which had started with an objective to make the country free of open defecation by 2017, still has not succeeded in Jhapa district.

No toilets for Dalits in ODF Rukum

February 20, 2018 05:00 am

RUKUM, Feb 20: Rukum was declared an Open Defecation Free (ODF) zone on December 22, 2014, after the successful construction of toilets in 97 percent of the houses and dozens of public areas.

BAJHANG, Dec 31: It might be hard for some to believe that it is very rare for people to find a toilet in Thalara Kholi, the second largest market of Bajhang, which is famous for the palace of Thalari king.

SAPTARI, Dec 17: A few months ago, Saptari and various other districts of tarai were hit by devastating floods. Many villages including Sakarpura were chronically ravaged by flood water. The floods inundated more than 1,500 houses and destroyed infrastructures like roads and bridges.

KATHMANDU, Dec 1: A major study on adolescent girls’ empowerment has recommended building separate toilets and ensuring water facility in schools to improve education outcomes for adolescent girls in Nepal.

ACHHAM, Nov 26: Menstruating females are restricted using toilets in Achham. Male and elder female members of villages in the district have decided to restrict females during menstruation and during post-delivery period using toilets.

ACHHAM, Nov 24: Ramita Saud, 16, was excited when her family recently started constructing a toilet at their house. But a few days after the construction was complete, she had her monthly period and was barred from using the toilet for five days.

BAJHANG, Aug 31: More than 500 students of Durga Higher Secondary School, Sainpasela, Bajhang are compelled to practice open defecation after three toilets in the school could not be brought into use.

BIRGUNJ, August 1: Visitors are facing problems in lack of sufficient number of public toilets in Birgunj Metropolitan City.

SIRAHA, June 1: Sixty-three years old Gauri Saday of Sakhuwanankarkatti Rural Municipality is compelled to live a miserable life in her old age. Gauri, who can't even move from one place to another without a stick has no one to look after her. She has visited the rural municipality office many times seeking government allowance, but she always returns home empty-handed. “You are not going to get the allowance until you build a toilet in your house,” the officials of the rural municipality always tell her.

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: Fifty-year-old Narayan Kumar Shrestha, a local fruit vendor of New Road, is often asked the same question repeatedly: "Is there a toilet around ?"

BAJHANG, Feb 8: For Bajhang, toilets are a recently introduced novelty. Within some years they have become ubiquitous. However, male and elder female members of 20 villages in the district have decided to keep them off limits to women during menstruation and during post-delivery period, at least.

KAVRE, Feb 1: It takes half an hour for Shubhdra Giri of Kattike Deurali-7 of Kavre to reach her school - Prabha Higher Secondary School at Kattike Deurali-2. But the ninth grader Giri is faced with a big problem when nature calls during school hours as the school toilet has no water.

State of the world’s toilets

November 19, 2016 00:05 am

A report by WaterAid shows that more than 650 million people in the world do not have access to clean water, and more than 2.3 billion do not have access to a safe, private toilet.

GAIGHAT, Oct 23: Although the district was declared open defecation-free zone (ODFZ) two years ago, approximately 40 percent toilets have remained useless, said a study by the District Drinking Water and Sanitation Division Office (DDWSDO).