TIKAPUR, Jan 1: Prem Shahi, 30, of Tikapur Municipality-5, Nuklipur, reached a minor girl’s house at 5:30 in the evening on December 30 last year to buy bananas.

TIKAPUR, Oct 12: Nearly 700 families have been displaced due to floods triggered by incessant rain in Tikapur Municipality, Kailali district. Similarly, 36 families have been displaced in neighboring Janaki Rural Municipality.

TIKAPUR, August 18: Common cold and fever cases have increased in Kailali of late.

Woman crushed to death by elephant

June 19, 2022 11:12 am

TIKAPUR, June 19: A woman has been killed in an elephant attack in Tikapur of Kailali district. The deceased has been identified as Tanka Sodari, 50, of Tikapur Municipality-1, according to the Area Police Office, Tikapur.

TIKAPUR, Sept 7: The number of Dolphins has increased in Kailali as compared to the past. According to a census conducted by Dolphin Aquatic and Biodiversity Conservation Nepal, the number of dolphins has increased to 70 including 15 children.

TIKAPUR, August 27: The ward office of Tikapur Municipality-7 has issued a notice and appealed to local residents to remain alert as the embankment in Shahipur has collapsed. The ward office has warned the people stating that floods could come anytime.

TIKAPUR, July 31: A couple has gone missing after a jeep (Ba 11 Cha 138) they were traveling in fell into the Karnali River. According to Police Inspector Puskar Panta, the police have not been able to take out the vehicle from the river.

TIKAPUR, July 8: Three-year-old Bibek Bista, who went missing on July 5, was found dead on Wednesday by the district police who on Thursday said it was a case of cold-blooded murder.

Missing child found dead

July 8, 2021 15:22 pm

DHANGADI, July 8: A  minor who had been missing from Tikapur Municipality-9 in Kailali since July 5 was found dead on Wednesday. According to police investigation, the death of the minor has been suspected to be a murder case.

TIKAPUR, May 9: As many as five people lost their lives while undergoing treatment at Tikapur Hospital of Kailali on Sunday.

TIKAPUR, March 21: Satti Karnali community forest at Tikapur Municipality has become a lucrative source of income for the locals in the area. The locals had been earning income through fodder, log among others but now bamboo has become one of the major income source.

TIKAPUR, Oct 12: The under-construction 6-lane road in Tikapur has been affected by the Nepal Electricity Authority’s (NEA) 33 KV transmission line. The construction has been affected as the authority has delayed shifting the poles of the transmission line.

Tikapur dolphins attract tourists

August 6, 2019 03:30 am

TIKAPUR, Aug 6: John Spates of England had come to Nepal for the first time in 2006. The most exciting thing he did then was watch dolphins in Tikapur. Since then, he has been coming to Nepal every year for the same purpose. This year, too, he came for the same reason and left last Wednesday.

TIKAPUR, July 29: Dozens of stray cattle, most of them too old to walk, look exhausted and directionless as they crowd the main road of Tikapur these days. They sit on the street in broad daylight and stay around long hours posing a safety threat to drivers, riders and passerby. Hungry, thirsty, and homeless these animals reflect how owners disown cattle after they find them worthless.

TIKAPUR, July 8: With the level of water rising in the rivers, dolphins have been spotted in the confluence of Mohana and Pathraiya rivers of Tikapur Municipality-7. The locals said they saw the dolphins on Sunday.

TIKAPUR, June 27: While unveiling budget for the upcoming fiscal year, Tikapur Municipality has introduced lots of women-friendly projects and policies which have been warmly welcomed by the locals.

TIKAPUR, June 1: The construction of the six-lane Khakraula road in Tikapur Municipality has adversely affected the locals and business persons in and around the area. The locals filed a complaint at the municipality after the dust began blowing in the area due to the soil dumped by the contractor on the road, affecting their health and businesses.

TIKAPUR, May 10: Befani Tharu,19, of Mukta Kamaiya (free bonded-laborers) settlement at Lamkichuha Municipality, has been tied with a rope for the last 14 years. It is uncertain how long she will stay like this due to her struggle with mental health.

TIKAPUR, May 9: Bal Bahadur Rawat of Janaki Rural Municipality-1, Durgauli was obliged to make rounds of the Land Revenue Office (LRO), Tikapur, for five days to freeze the transaction of his land. Similarly, it has been two days since Sher Bahadur Budha of Bardagoriya Rural Municipality-1 has been visiting the LRO for the transfer of his land to his brother.

TIKAPUR, March 14: Ujyalo Sikshya Sadan is the only elementary school in the locality of Majhi community of Kachali village of Tikapur. Though established in 1998, the school lacks basic infrastructures and facilities. If support is not extended to this institution urgently, it might have to be closed, its teacher says.

ADBL out to promote banana farming

February 19, 2019 10:30 am

TIKAPUR, Feb 19: Agricultural Development Bank Ltd (ADBL) has expressed interest to make big investment in banana farming.

TIKAPUR, Dec 19: Acharya Multi Business (AMB) Group Pvt Ltd has opened a factory to produce incense sticks in Tikapur of Kailali with an investment of Rs 20 million.

TIKAPUR, Dec 4: Three people died while three others were seriously injured in two different road accidents in Tikapur Municipality on Sunday.

TIKAPUR, Nov 20: Kusumghat village of Bhajani Municipality-3, Tikapur, was formed in 1967 by clearing a massive forest area. The village was formed by people living across the Mohana River after they faced constant troubles from Indian robbers and dacoits. The village lies near the no man’s land.

KAILALI, Sept23: Minister for Urban Development, Mohammad Istiyak Rai, has said the houses for all would be ensured by the government soon.

Two killed in Tikapur bus mishap

September 14, 2018 19:01 pm

TIKAPUR, Sept 14: Two people were killed in a vehicular accident that occurred at Balchaur of Lamkichuha Municipality-3 on Friday afternoon.

TIKAPUR, Sept 14: Six people were injured in a vehicular accident that occurred at Balchaur of Lamkichuha Municipality-3 on Friday afternoon.

Businessman found dead in Tikapur

September 14, 2018 14:21 pm

TIKAPUR, Sept 14: A businessman has been found dead at Joshipur of Kailali district on Friday morning.

13 year child raped in Tikapur

August 5, 2018 11:12 am

TIKAPUR, Aug 5: Police have arrested Basanta Budha, 20 year for his alleged involvement in raping a 13 year girl from Chisapani, Lamkicuha Municpality-3, Kailali.

Tikapur Hospital in miserable state

July 19, 2018 09:34 am

TIKAPUR, July 19: The locals living in eastern parts of Kailali and western parts of Bardiya have been dependent on Tikapur Hospital for treatment since years. But the hospital which is benefiting the people of both the districts is itself in a miserable state.

TIKAPUR, July 17: The Tikapur Hospital is the nearest hospital for residents of two districts to seek health services.  However, the hospital’s condition is bleak, according to a report presented by Ratna Bahadur Khadka, chairperson of Tikapur Hospital Development Committee.

TIKAPUR, July 12: It has been 12 years that around 300 bigha of land belonging to Tikapur Multiple Campus has been illegally encroached upon by people who claim themselves as Kamaiyas (freed bonded laborers), squatters and landless people.

KATHMANDU, June 30: Tharuwan Joint Struggle Committee has passed a 10-point decision with the Kathmandu declaration from its recent national gathering.

Tikapur Park awaits promotion

April 11, 2018 11:32 am

With the spring season around the corner, Tikapur Park, also known as Tikapur Brihat Udyan, can bewitch anyone with its beauty. In its prime, the park is no less than a ravishing new bride, with her makeup, sitting on the bank of Karnali River waiting for her groom.

KATHMANDU, April 7: The Tikapur Incident Victim Families Association has demanded immediate release of 26 people, including two minors arrested on the charge of involvement in a political incident.

KATHMANDU, March 12: Human Rights and Peace Society (HURPES) has demanded not to withdraw a case with a purpose to allow walk freely the guilty of Tikapur incident.

TIKAPUR, March 11: The increasing pollution in various rivers and streams of Tikapur has threatened the aquatic life there. This has even led to the disappearance of some rare aquatic species.

TIKAPUR, Mar 4: Residents of Tikapur have gheraoed the house of Tapendra Bahadur Rawal, mayor of Tikapur Municipality after being alleged for protecting those accused of killing Karna Thapa.

Tikapur bazaar comes to standstill

March 3, 2018 11:47 am

TIKAPUR, March 3: Market and transportation at Tikapur bazaar has been halted since early morning today. The strike comes following a brutal death of Karna Thapa, 21 who was stabbed by five people while celebrating Holi.

DHANGADHI, Feb 27: The District Court, Kailali on Monday sent Resham Lal Chaudhary, who is accused of masterminding the the 2015 Tikapur massacre, to judicial custody.

DHANGADHI, Dec 13: Resham Chaudhari, the main accused in the infamous Tikapur massacre which took place in August 2015, has registered a landslide victory in the parliamentary elections from Constituency 1 of Kailali district. Chaudhari who contested the polls from the Rastriya Janata Parry Nepal (RJPN) won with 34,341 votes.

TIKAPUR, Nov 6:  A large number of e-rickshaw drivers and entrepreneurs in Tikapur Municipality staged a protest on Sunday by shunning their service for the whole day.

TIKAPUR, Nov 1: Tikapur Park in Tikapur of Kailali is becoming a destination among domestic tourists. The number of visitors to the park has increased significantly after the Dashain and Tihar festivals.

TIKAPUR, August 23: Two years have passed by since the heart-wrenching Tikapur incident in Kailali district, in which eight police personnel and a toddler were brutally lynched. That incident is said to have been triggered by conflict and hatred between Tharus of tarai and Pahadis of hills.

TIKAPUR, August 2:  In the recent days, Tikapur Eye Care Center is witnessing extensively high number of eye patients

TIKAPUR, July 29: When dark clouds start hovering in the sky, heartbeats of the locals of Dhansingpur and Narayanpur start getting faster. Every monsoon, these locals are worried about protecting their loved ones and properties from massive floods, which are a common occurrence in rivers like Karnali, Mohana, Patharaiya, and Kanda. Devastating floods time and again have rendered many people homeless and have even caused human casualties. The Rainy season has always wreaked havoc in the lives of the villagers.

TIKAPUR, July 25: In view of the upcoming provincial and parliamentary elections, a large number of people are seeking citizenship in Kailali district.

TIKAPUR, July 5: The newly-elected mayor and deputy mayor have assumed their offices in Tikapur Municipality. After assuming office, Mayor Tapendra Bahadur Rawal has already begun to work on some of the promises he had during his election campaign. He has decided to form a taskforce for the conservation and development of the Tharu language under a panel of experts. Before the polls, he had promised to work on making Tharu language an official language of business in a program organized by the Jaycees in Tikapur.

TIKAPUR, July 2: In the second Constituent Assembly election of November 2013, the biggest three political parties - Nepali congress, CPN - UML and the CPN - Maoists were left behind by the Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF) in Tikapur Municipality, Kailali. The forum was popular among Tharus and its victory in the election was due to their support. Similar scenario is likely to repeat in this year's local level election.

TIKAPUR, June 29: Five hundred votes have been counted so far in Tikapur Municipality. Nepal Democratic Forum (NDF) is taking the lead so far.