Rome, July 27: Roma president James Pallotta has criticized Barcelona for their behavior following Malcom’s transfer to the Spanish club, after terms had apparently already been agreed for the Brazilian to move to the Italian capital.

TEXAS, June 23: Two days after President Donald Trump ordered an end to the separation of families at the border, federal authorities Friday cast about for jail space to detain them together, leaving hundreds of parents in the dark on when they would be reunited with their children.

KATHMANDU, May 6: Ram Bahadur Thapa, Ministry for Home Affairs has directed not to release the arrested transport entrepreneurs if they are not ready to sign on papers to scrapping syndicate.

A team in California has identified the gene that is the primary risk factor for developing Alzheimer’s disease. More importantly, the scientists have reportedly created a way to correct the harmful gene in human cells.

POKHARA, April 8: In mid-March, a Korean tourist Ji Ae went missing while she was on her way back to Pokhara after Annapurna Base Camp trek. After eight hours of the ‘disappearance’, a search team rescued her. She had lost her way as she had chosen to tread on an uncommon route during the return.

Where are they?

March 26, 2018 02:00 am

‘Missing’ police personnel

They will succeed

March 24, 2018 01:02 am

Few months ago we had the opportunity to welcome two new interns in our organization. These committed young social work students who, besides studying and being engaged in the internship, also work part time in the evening in a customer service of a major cable television network.

The best and worst countries for women worldwide

WhatsApp is making a significant change to the way it lets people "unsent" messages.

Together, they stand

February 21, 2018 02:00 am

UML-Maoist unification

I will remain in political scene but in a different capacity. Smaller parties like mine played a crucial role in promulgating the new constitution. They raised the voice of the voiceless in the parliament and advocated the rights of the marginalized. With promulgation of new constitution, we are heading towards political stability and economic development.

JHAPA, Dec 1: When monsoon arrives, hearts of people in settlements nearby the Ratuwa River in Jhapa start pounding. They become panicked. Rains give them sleepless nights.

SYRIA, Nov 23: On a cool evening in early November, in a back room of the Damascus Opera House, a women’s choir was rehearsing an old favorite, a sunny ballad from a childhood cartoon. When they reached the chorus — “How sweet it is to live in one house, how sweet to live in one hometown” — one of the singers, Safana Baqleh, began to weep into her hands.

Nepali Congress believes the new left alliance between CPN-UML and CPN (Maoist Center) is a prelude to ‘totalitarian rule.’ Is there some solid basis to this allegation or is Congress cooking up yet another hate story against their electoral opponents? Nepali Congress Central Working Committee member and ex-foreign minister Prakash Sharan Mahat, who is also contesting election from Kathmandu constituency number 5, shared his views with Mahabir Paudyal and Kosh Raj Koirala on Wednesday afternoon.

GORKHA, Oct 30: Locals of Gorkha and Dhading, whose land would be acquired by Budhigandaki Hydro Project, have warned of boycotting the upcoming federal and provincial polls if the government does not start the process of distributing compensation at the earliest.

INDORE, Sept 26: Opening batsman Aaron Finch marked his return to the Australia side with a defiant century in the third one-day international against India but the thrill was tempered by another loss for Steve Smith’s struggling side.

BANKE, June 17: At a time when the agitating Madhes-based political parties are intensifying their protests leading to election deferral time and again, the people in Madhes have termed the protests 'highly unnecessary', saying that they want elections.

Together they bloom

June 14, 2017 00:30 am

The recruiters, to their dismay, are rarely able to find right hires from among new graduates.

BAJURA, April 21: Various political parties in Bajura have assured of not involving children in poll-related activities.

BAJURA, April 20: Various political parties in Bajura have assured of not involving children in poll-related activities.

Where women feel they lack equality

Big-name authors and their weird jobs

A baby’s first words are most likely based on their visual experience, say scientists who found that how often infants see familiar objects like table, shirt, bottle or spoon may predict which words they will learn first.

Despite all the excitement of travelling, the same activities can become a hassle rather than fun if one has to travel frequently.

“Up the Establishment!” That was the message voters sent when they elected Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. It was a message of anger and frustration – and defiance.

NEW YORK, Oct 1:  "A clear and present danger to our country." ''Xenophobia, racism and misogyny." ''Beneath our national dignity."

Together they grow

September 2, 2016 02:00 am

The word father, derived from many languages of the old, including Latin, Dutch and Old English, all mean the same thing, “one who exercises parental care over another.”

KATHMANDU, Aug 29: Political leaders from different parties express 'serious concern' when people lose their lives in road accidents. But people hardly believe that they are serious enough to reform the transport sector.

Why they stammer

June 25, 2016 00:25 am

There is no gender bias on who stammers. The important thing is that it’s a curable condition most of the times

Lest they should look away

June 23, 2016 14:13 pm

Today’s young people anywhere in the world is the most powerful generation in history

Conflict victims in Dailkeh district whose family members were killed, injured or made to disappear during the insurgency era are yet to file complaints at the TRC.