KATHMANDU, March 26: The government has urged one and all to stay home throughout the week-long lockdown. The job holders are strongly advised not to go to the office and work from their respective homes.  Now, people are trying to maintain social distancing putting themselves in self-isolation as advised by various international agencies including WHO.  It is tedious for everyone to stay home 24\7 without doing something.

Drawing tips for beginners

February 7, 2020 11:41 am

Art’s kinda difficult. Even with motivation coursing through your veins, sometimes you can’t do anything but mess up. Along with talent and inspiration, you need skills and techniques to make that masterpiece.

The knowledge system possessed by various communities across the globe, which has been used and passed down through several generations, is termed as indigenous or traditional knowledge. This knowledge is generally embedded in the cultural tradition of any religion, indigenous or local communities.

CHITWAN, May 18: Construction works as per the bio-engineering techniques have been intensified to stabilize slopes and prevent soil erosion and landslides as well as other kind of possible damages along the Narayangadh-Munglin road section.

ILAM, Aug 30: Of late, Russian tea specialist Alexi Sebekin could be found processing organic tea in Jasbire-based Maipokhari Tea Processing Industry, Ilam district.