Demi Lovato gets an Inspirational tattoo

December 26, 2019 16:47 pm

Demi Lovato celebrated Christmas by getting an inspirational tattoo that reportedly took eight hours to complete.

Justin Bieber flaunts new neck tattoo

December 9, 2019 18:35 pm

The 25-year-old star took to Instagram to share the new tattoo which is a swallow (bird) with the word "Forever." He captioned the snap: "Forever thanks @_dr_woo_."The newest addition to his collection is located on the left-hand side of his neck below the music note tattoo behind his ear.

Dove Cameron shares her tattoo stories

November 28, 2019 14:56 pm

American actor Dove Cameron discussed in-depth the tattoos she has on her body. She also divulged the reason behind getting inked and the significance every tattoo holds.

American singer Dolly Parton who loves to flaunt her hour-glass figure, opened up about how she doesn't like to show much skin.

Hollywood actor Matt Damon just got himself inked with tattoos dedicated to his four daughters.

Inking to heal

May 3, 2019 10:06 am

All of this, however, was anything but simple. Born and raised in Chitwan, Shrestha has an educational background in pharmacy. Prior to his rehab days he had no experience whatsoever when it came to tattooing.

KATHMANDU, April 28: The ninth edition of International Tattoo Convention concluded on Sunday. The convention lasted for 3 days kicking off on April 26 at Heritage Garden in Sanepa, Lalitpur. The Nepal Tattoo Pvt. Ltd organizes the convention every year.

Creating beautiful art out of pain

February 28, 2019 08:00 am

“I fell in love with creating tattoo. And I left the restaurant and college, with a dream to establish my own tattoo studio in Nepal and founded Eros Ink in 2014.”

Tattoo making has always been a part of Nepali traditions. Back in the days, it was a cultural norm among the Rais and Limbus of the country. Now, it has assumed form like it has done in most countries – it is how millions immortalize memories, maintain faith and derive strength in difficult times. Tattoo artists, as such, take great pleasure from their work and so does Sumina Shrestha.

Why should they care? Let’s get inked

November 1, 2018 09:05 am

Call it a norm or a fashion, getting the skin inked with different arts and designs has always baffled people from quite some time. Some people draw the tempting art to call it passion while others just follow the tradition.

Having a tattoo reduces your chances of getting a job, says a recent report. Face tattoos irk employers the most.

KATHMANDU, Sept 4 : Amidst Kathmandu’s fluctuating weather, Naxal’s RS Moto, a motorcycle design shop, served as a bright and colorful oasis for tattoo enthusiasts.

KATHMANDU, Sept 4 : Amidst Kathmandu’s fluctuating weather, Naxal’s RS Moto, a motorcycle design shop, served as a bright and colorful oasis for tattoo enthusiasts.

Nepal Inked Tattoo Convention

September 3, 2016 11:29 am

KATHMANDU, Sept 3: The third edition of ‘Nepal Inked’ Tattoo Convention that is taking place at R S Moto in Naxal from September 2 to September 4.

A group of Ph.D. students from the MIT Media Lab and researchers from Microsoft Research have come up with a temporary tattoo with which you can control your smartphone.

LONDON: Aug 9: A duo of French artists has developed a robotic arm that can autonomously create intricate tattoos on humans.

LONDON, Aug 6: Singer Zayn Malik has covered up the tattoo of his former girlfriend Perrie Edwards.