Matters like safe sex and reproductive health are still a taboo in our society. Though as youngsters we often got curious about it and wanted to know more, most of us didn’t have the guts or get the chance to ask our parents all that we wanted to know. We asked people whether or not they had “the talk” with their parents, and if not, how did they eventually get and understand the crucial information and also how they would someday tackle the subject with their own children.

Penelope Cruz says society has perpetuated many taboos around women's health issues such as menstruation and menopause, which is disrespectful.

DUBLIN, July 18: Kurt Cobain’s daughter said on Tuesday the United States should overcome its taboo about mental health and addiction almost a quarter of century after her rock star father took his own life.

The banishment of bleeding women and girls to cattle shed or makeshift hut best defines the custom of Chaupadi. The practice is extensively followed in the Far west region of the country as women and girls on period are considered impure. The new law that criminalizes Chaupadi, which will come into effect in a year’s time, stipulates a three-month jail sentence or a Rs 3,000 fine, or both, for anyone forcing a woman to follow the custom.

JUMLA, Dec 11: A rural village in the far-western region has been declared free of a traditional practise related to women's menstrual cycle at the initiative taken by the women in the village.