In the heart of the African jungles, the mighty ‘Simba’ reigns as the king! Lions have fascinated humans for centuries with their social structure and impressive manes. In a land where legends roam, where the circle of life is incomplete without them and their roar echoes through time, there is a tale of struggle and survival, untold and unseen.

Can multilateralism survive?

July 10, 2019 01:00 am

The Sino-American conflict is already replacing globally agreed rules with the exercise of raw power, as each side wrestles for access to resources and markets

ROLPA, May 8: Even though the government has pledged free education up to the secondary level as child's fundamental right in the constitution, it does not provide financial resources to all community schools to pay teachers' salary and other resources a school needs.

RASUWA, July 29: It was almost midnight on Wednesday by the time she finished household chores and went to bed. Her tired body made her fall asleep in no time, but a thunderous noise suddenly woke her up. Pokki Tamang, the local of Timure in Gosainkunda Rural Municipality-2, then peeked outside the window and noticed debris of landslides tumbling down towards her house.

SANKATIGHAT, (Bardiya) July 8: Janaki Sonaha gave out a long exasperated sigh of disappointment as she hopelessly searched for the last specks of gold in sand with a wooden plate on the bank of Karnali River here one recent afternoon.

Sacred Survival, an art exhibition that is to go on till May 21, featuring the works of 7 Thangka and Paubha artists at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Baber Mahal Revisited Courtyard Complex was inaugurated on Friday. Michael Gordon, the curator of the exhibition, is an American artist who has been in Nepal for nearly a year now on a Fulbright student grant studying and exploring his field of interest that are Thangka and Paubha.

Karnataka's politics is just like Bengaluru's fickle weather: A blast of hot air now, and a freezing cold breeze the next minute. The assembly polls are more than a mere fight between the Congress, BJP and JD(S).

April 29: Liverpool’s hopes of virtually securing a top-four Premier League spot were frustrated by a battling Stoke City side who restricted the usually free-scoring Reds to a goalless draw at Anfield on Saturday.

TIKAPUR, April 2: With the decrease in the number of fish in the Karnali River, endangered dolphins have been pushed to the verge of extinction. This has compelled some activists and dolphin conservationists to raise voice for the conservation of fishes.

Locals of Purchaudi Municipality forced to drink river water

Miraculous survival!

December 1, 2017 13:46 pm

CHITWAN, Dec 1: Ten month Aryan Thapa survived miraculously when a bus, en route to Argakhachi from Kathmandu plunged into the Trishuli River killing eight on November 29. The infant was found lying on the river’s bank. It was his cries that caught attention of rescue workers.  When Aryan’s relatives came searching for him, the police came to know that he one of the 34 passengers travelling from Kathmandu to Argakhachi with his mother, Manisha. While her son survived the 150 meters fall, the mother still remains missing.


October 5, 2017 09:18 am

A broken heart  wants to be immortal  like a poem of Szymborska;   A poem of such stature  wants a body of reticent words  to find a voice;

KATHMANDU, June 23: As big parties with opposing ideologies court each other for electoral gains, many have started wondering whether smaller parties have any future in a political culture where survival is becoming more important than ideologies and principles.

Hull City and Swansea City earned valuable victories in their battle for Premier League survival but Middlesbrough slid further towards the drop after a 4-0 hammering at Bournemouth on Saturday.

CHITWAN, March 27: The government is all set to translocate five rhinos from Chitwan National Park (CNP) to Shuklaphanta National Park amid concerns from the locals regarding the safety of the endangered species in the new location.

SALYAN, Aug 2: It will be interesting to note that a school with around 200 students is running under community's voluntary funds for the past seven years.