SURKHET, April 30: Five years after being displaced by the ravaging flood of 2014, the victims of Surkhet will finally receive the first tranche of grant for the reconstruction of their houses on Tuesday. Karnali Province government is planning to distribute Rs 150,000 as the first tranche to the victims from Tuesday.

Expecting mother airlifted to safety

March 28, 2019 18:25 pm

RARA, March 28: A woman who had been facing problems giving birth since the past three days was airlifted from Khatyad rural municipality, in the western region of the district. Lalita Thapa,22, of Thamlekha in ward no. 8 of the rural municipality was airlifted by a Nepali Army helicopter to the regional hospital in Surkhet today.

SURKHET, March 5: The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Karnali Provincial Assembly has concluded that over Rs 3.7 million was embezzled during inauguration of Karnali-Rara Tourism Year – 2075 BS.

SURKHET, Feb 24: Five years ago, Shambhu Prasad Chaurasiya, the then District Forest Officer (DFO) of Surkhet reached Nalkhola Community Forest to meet Rautes, the last nomadic tribe of Nepal. When he urged the leader of the community Mahin Bahadur Shahi to start agriculture, take up jobs and send their children to school, Shahi said to him, "You become a Raute like us, we will become commoners like you."

JAJARKOT, Feb 7: A group of Raute people from the forests of Surkhet has reached Jajarkot in search of food. Rautes are known as Nepal’s last nomadic tribe.

SURKHET, Jan 24: The Karnali province has started the construction of two fully equipped police posts in two border points with China. The police posts will be set up in Hilsa of Humla and Dhomorilla of Dolpa within a year, according to the provincial minister for internal affairs and law, Naresh Bhandari.

Labour permit from Karnali begins today

January 20, 2019 11:35 am

KATHMANDU, Jan 20: The government is to begin providing labour permit from Surkhet, the capital of Karnali province from today.

CPN-M cadres burn two trucks in Surkhet

January 20, 2019 09:55 am

KATHMANDU, Jan 20: Cadres of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (CPN-M) on Saturday burned down two trucks in Surkhet for violating a general strike imposed in the district by the party.

Biplav led NCP torch trucks in Surkhet

January 19, 2019 08:22 am

SURKHET, Jan 19: The Biplav led Nepal Communist Party-Revolutionary set two trucks on fire for not abiding by the general strike it had called today.

SURKHET, Dec 24: The Karnali Provincial government has started to offer relief materials to the fire survivor families in Kalikot district.

SURKHET, Dec 14: Recently, five elected local representatives of three local units in Surkhet district made a 15-day visit to Thailand, at the invitation of a non-governmental organization, TAO Association. They are now preparing to claim the travel expenses from their respective local units.

SURKHET, Nov 26: The average daily demand for drinking water in Birendranagar, the capital of Karnali Province, is 15.4 million liters. However, the authorities have been unable to meet the demand, thanks to the growing population.

Conjoint twin girls born in Surkhet

November 19, 2018 16:35 pm

SURKHET, Nov 19: A conjoint twin girls have been born in the district on Sunday. Lalita Buda of Raskot Minicipality-5 of Kalikot delivered the twins at Province Hospital, Surkhet through the surgery.

SURKHET, Nov 11: Opium production is not legal in the country. However, until a few years ago Kaltadi village of Surkhet was known for only one thing - opium production. Almost all of the 32 households of this tiny village would farm nothing but opium.

SURKHET, Oct 18: When the entire country seems to be immersed in festive mood as the Nepali are celebrating the Bijaya Dashami, the most precious day of the Dashain festival tomorrow, the atmosphere at the temporary settlement occupied by those displaced by floods is quite bleak. The festival could not bring joy and happiness among those who have been spending tougher days in tarpaulins since the past four years after being rendered homeless by deadly floods.

HUMLA, Oct. 5: The private airlines companies that used to operate their flights to Humla from Nepalgunj and Surkhet airports now have shifted their attention to the eastern belt of the country seeking more profits during the festive season.

SURKHET, Sept 29: If all goes well, Karnali Province will start its own fleet of airlines, Karnali, according to Mahendra Bahadur Shahi, the province's chief minister.  Shahi said so at Birendranagar after returning from his visit to China.

A Namaste that changed everything

September 28, 2018 09:44 am

19 is an age of uncertainty, of college decisions and life choices and everything else that perhaps shouldn’t be ladled on the shoulders of someone so young. It was the same for Margaret Doyne or Maggie. At 19, she was all set for a high-ranking college, dreaming of a six-figure salary and a bright future ahead of her.

Human resource crunch hits judicial sector

September 20, 2018 13:00 pm

BIRENDRANAGAR, Sept 20: Chief Judge of Surkhet High Court, Hari Kumar Pokharel said the short of competent human resource in judicial sector has troubled in dispensing justice.

43 injured in Surkhet vehicular collision

September 15, 2018 15:34 pm

SURKHET, Sept 15: Twelve people were injured in a vehicular collision at Byureni of Birendranagar on Saturday.

SURKHET, Sep 11: Four years after the devastating flood in the district of Surkhet, the local authorities have started collecting the details of the victims aimed at resettling them to safer places.

BIRENDRANAGAR, Aug 22: The construction of a bridge over the Bheri River in Surkhet, the capital of the Karnali Province, has come to a final stage.

131 women still missing in Surkhet

July 21, 2018 13:32 pm

131 women still missing in Surkhet

KATHMANDU, July 19: Dr Govinda KC is being brought to Kathmandu on Thursday afternoon.  He has been brought to Surkhet now.

KATHMANDU, July 6: The rescue operation of pilgrims to Kailash Mansarovar from different parts of India stranded at Hilsa and Simikot is under way since last Monday. Out of more than fifteen hundred pilgrims, 1,225 pilgrims have been airlifted and brought down to Nepalgunj and Surkhet stated Indian Embassy, Kathmandu.

SURKHET, June 26: Drug abuse is gradually emerging as a formidable problem in Surkhet, the capital of Karnali Province.

SURKHET, June 6: A feasibility study of an international airport in Surkhet in Karnali Province has been carried out. The project that is located at Naulichaur of Bheriganga Rural Municipality in Surkhet covering 36,000 ropanis of land costs approximately Rs 7.41 billion, said Suraj Koirala, a consultant company engineer Suraj Koirala.

Inundated Surkhet

May 31, 2018 20:53 pm

SURKHET, May 31: Following continuous heavy rain for three hours, most of the places in Birendranagar faced waterlogged. Jumla Road, Khajura and other places were under water on Thursday afternoon due to the heavy inundation.

KATHMANDU, May 31: Sita Air has said that it will operate all its flights to Karnali province from Surkhet Airport from June 29 onwards.

KATHMANDU, May 13: The online payment portal eSewa has extended its service to pay drinking water bill in Surkhet via the e-wallet.

KATHMANDU, April 12: Nepal Commerce Campus, Amrit Science Campus and Surkhet Education Campus have advanced into the semifinals of the ongoing Vice Chancellor Cup Inter-campus Volleyball Tournament on Wednesday.

Surkhet, Sarswoti register wins

April 10, 2018 08:44 am

KATHMANDU, April 10: Surkhet Education Campus and Saraswati Campus have advanced to the second round of the ongoing Vice Chancellor Inter Campus Volleyball Tournament with wins over Pashupati Multiple Campus and Tri-chandra Campus respectively on Monday.

KATHMANDU, Mar 30: The National Center Bureau (NCB) of Interpol arrested Karna Bahadur Shahi for his alleged theft of INR 2.7 million and gold from Thane of Mumbai, India.

SEE candidate killed in Surkhet

March 27, 2018 11:25 am

SURKHET, March 27: Eighteen year old Gorikala Rokaya, a SEE candidate has been killed on Monday night at Chaur, Panchpuri municipality-3 of Surkhet.

SURKHET, March 16: Details collected by the District Public Health Office(DPHO), Surkhet, shows a significant rise in the number of children suffering from malnutrition in the district.

SURKHET, March 10: Four years ago, massive floods from Bheri River had completely washed away all the family members of Sarjan Tamatta, a local of Panchapuri Municipality-10 in Surkhet district. At that time, he was in India working as a daily-wage laborer, and became the sole surviving member of the family.

Three killed in Surkhet tractor accident

February 27, 2018 15:50 pm

SURKHET, Feb 27: Three people were killed this morning in an accident involving a tractor near Kotkhola of Malarani in Surkhet.

SURKHET, Feb 1: Surkhet Police has arrested six gamblers along with Rs 3.3 million in cash there on Wednesday night.

Dhruba Kumar Shahi wins in Surkhet-1

December 10, 2017 05:40 am

KASKI, Dec 10: CPN-UML candidate for Surkhet-1 Dhruba Kumar Shahi has won in the constituency.

SURKHET Dec 7: All candidates of House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly from Nepali Congress and Left alliance cast their votes in their polling centers in the district.

SURKHET, Nov 20: Political parties in Surkhet have expedited their election campaigns with interesting agendas and this has heated up the election fervor in the district. The headquarters of Surkhet, the gateway to Province 6, is often considered as the capital of the province.

DAILEKH, Nov 11: Surkhet Police have seized huge amount of explosive substances suspected to spoil upcoming elections. The police seized detonators, gelatin, fuse wire, mobile phones, Nepali and Indian SIM cards from Panchapuri-11 of Surkhet.

KATHMANDU (REPUBLICA): Ncell Pvt Ltd has said that it was expanding 4G/LTE service in two more cities -- Kohalpur of Banke and Birendranagar of Surkhet -- of the mid-western region of the country. Issuing a statement on Thursday, the telecom service provider said that it was launching 4G service in these cities on Friday.

The Central Department of Nepalese History, Culture and Archaeology (NeHCA), Tribhuvan University (TU) had recently organized a five-day educational tour to Surkhet and Dailekh for the students studying in III rd semester in NeHCA.

SURKHET, July 31: The number of drug users has been increasing every year in Surkhet district, according to the data maintained by the District Police Office (DPO), Surkhet.

'Suina' Possible: Surkhet to Jumla

June 13, 2017 05:00 am

KATHMANDU, June 13: "We used to spend four days inside a bus traveling from Jumla to Nepalgunj," said a group of young people from Jumla during a recent conversation  we had in Jumla Bazar. This was the state of things  before the Karnali Highway was completed.

SURKHET, June 5: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) has started the probe into the cases of rights violation committed during the decade-long Maoist insurgency from Province 6.

SURKHET, May 23: A man killed and five others were injured after a police van met with an accident at Birendranagar-14 on Tuesday morning.

SURKHET, May 17: Nepali Congress (NC) has won the race for chief and deputy chief of Chingad Rural Municipality in Surkhet.

SURKHET, May 11: The Election Commission (EC) office in Surkhet has deployed female staffers to handle election related tasks at two polling centers.