MAHENDRANAGAR, Nov 11: In the course of his trek throughout the country, a spiritual guru Mohan Sharan Devacharya had landed in Kanchanpur one and a half year ago. He drew wide attention of people and local authorities when he talked about stray cattle, especially cows. "Cows left in the street are starving; many injured and have nowhere to go. This is a very pathetic situation," he said.

NEPALGUNJ, Aug 17: With a federal minister evincing interest in the management of stray cattle in Nepalgunj city and allocating a budget for the purpose and the local government facing criticism from animal rights groups for failing to manage these strays, the issue has come to figure in city politics.

NEPALGUNJ, Aug 15: Stray cattle have become a significant source of worry for the locals of Nepalgunj these days.

TIKAPUR, July 29: Dozens of stray cattle, most of them too old to walk, look exhausted and directionless as they crowd the main road of Tikapur these days. They sit on the street in broad daylight and stay around long hours posing a safety threat to drivers, riders and passerby. Hungry, thirsty, and homeless these animals reflect how owners disown cattle after they find them worthless.

KAILALI, Feb 4: Six months ago Ghodaghodhi Municipality came up with a plan to manage stray cattle. As part of the plan, it built a shed for stray cattle in a national forest located at the base of Chure range. Around 2000 stray cattle including cows and calves were collected in August.