KATHMANDU, April 22: A group of six individuals has been apprehended for their alleged involvement in stealing from cooperatives in Jhapa.

Thieves steal goods by digging tunnel

November 12, 2018 03:30 am

RAUTAHAT, Nov 12: A gang of thieves stole goods and cash worth Rs 2 million from four houses in Rautahat on Saturday night. The theft took place in Harshaha Tol of Katahariya Municipality 4. The group of thieves, who still remain unidentified, broke into the four houses by digging tunnels.

NEPALGUNJ, July 10: henever there is rainfall, the heartbeat of Durga Prasad Pandey of Khalla Jhagadiya in Phattepur increases and he starts praying. Rapti River which flows to the south of his house and the floods in various rivulets in the north often displace him and his family every year.

KATHMANDU, July 8: Metropolitan Crime division has arrested two Indian boys for forming gang aiming to steal here in Nepal.

Stealing populists’ clothes

April 15, 2018 00:30 am

Yes, slogans like “I’ll protect your jobs” and “Make America great again” sound simplistic. But where are the sophisticated alternatives?

Stealing the show

March 16, 2018 08:12 am

Pushpa Khadka, who ventured into the Nepali entertainment industry as a dancer, was first noticed for his stellar performance in ‘Dharpanchaya 2’. Now that his second release ‘Mangalam’ has hit the theaters, he feels he has finally arrived.

LOS ANGELES, March 6: A man was arrested and is accused of stealing Frances McDormand’s Oscars trophy after the Academy Awards on Sunday night, Los Angeles police said.

Journalist imposter nabbed for stealing

February 8, 2018 11:11 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 8: Police has arrested a man who stole people's belongings in the guise of a journalist.

SYDNEY, Oct 24: Former test cricket umpire Darrell Hair has been handed an 18-month good behavior bond by an Australian court after pleading guilty to charges of embezzling and stealing money from a liquor store where he worked, local media reported on Tuesday.

KOHALPUR, March 22: Nepalgunj-based Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) office arrested six people from Kohalpur of Banke district on charge of stealing electricity from poles during its electricity leakage control campaign.

Eight arrested for stealing millions

March 22, 2017 00:50 am

KATHMANDU, March 22: The Metropolitan Police Crime Division has arrested eight people for allegedly stealing millions of rupees from bank accounts of various businessmen.

KATHMANDU, Jan 23: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police on Sunday arrested two Indian nationals on the charge of stealing money from ATM machines in various places of the Kathmandu Valley.

A man from Illinois, United States who stole a television remote has been sentenced to more than two decades behind bars.

KATHMANDU, Dec 10: Almost three months after the crime, police arrested three men on charge of stealing Rs 3.5 from Thamel-based Jyu De Siang Hotel. Two of the arrested are siblings and the third one is their cousin.

KATHMANDU, Dec 9: Metropolitan Police Range Office, Bhaktapur, has arrested three people on the alleged charge of stealing Rs 3.5 from Thamel-based Jyu De Siang Hotel.

Youth held for stealing recharge cards

November 9, 2016 12:23 pm

MAHOTTARI, Nov 9: Police have arrested a youth on the charge of stealing recharge cards.

KATHMANDU, Nov 6: Police have arrested two men while they were making off after stealing a motorcycle.

Bulgarian held for stealing from ATM

October 28, 2016 21:35 pm

KATHMANDU, Oct 28: The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police on Thursday arrested a Bulgarian national on the charge of stealing money from ATM machines though a new high-tech method.

POKHARA, Oct 16: Earlier it would take three weeks for tourists to trek through the Annapurna Circuit. After the introduction of transportation facilities, one week of trekking suffices. Length of Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) has shortened.

BHAKTAPUR, Oct 16: A thief who had become a nuisance for the past four months after stealing vehicles with fake keys has been arrested.