Smells fishy

March 30, 2020 10:04 am

Every country around the world is struggling to provide medical tools to health professionals to treat patients infected with the coronavirus.  Every country has faced an acute shortage of masks, hand sanitizers, personal protective equipment (PPE) among other items because no country is in a position to export these vital materials to other countries because every country is in the same situation of crisis. China, to our relief and to the relief of most countries in the world, has been an exception. After emerging from nearly two months' struggle against the Covid-19 which killed over 3,000 people, the Chinese government and various Chinese companies have sped up the production of test kits, PPEs, and other necessary tools and they have been sending them to countries from Italy to Ireland to Africa.  The government of China has pledged to assist Nepal in its fight against Covid-19. This is a great gesture in these moments of a great global crisis.