LAS VEGAS, June 9: A man has been convicted of murder in a drug-related robbery killing in Las Vegas after initially being identified as a suspect because a friend of the victim thought to check and preserve a Snapchat message.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was assaulted during a public appearance in South Africa on Saturday, but the 71-year-old quickly recovered and said, “I’m just glad the idiot didn’t interrupt my Snapchat.”

Snapchat ''Spectacles'' arrive in Europe

There are some people who will let their food get cold as they try to get that perfect photo. Most likely this art of a photo will be for their Snapchat story. The frenzy of this app where everything you post will disappear in 24 hours built up so much that popular social media networks like Instagram and then Facebook messenger too introduced this feature.

Snapchat rolled out a feature on Tuesday for group chats with up to 16 people as the fast-growing social network sought to broaden its services ahead of an expected share offering.

In a direct threat to Snapchat, India's first homegrown messaging app hike messenger on Thursday rolled out three new features — Stories, a built-in camera and live filters — and withdrew "Timeline" feature that was rolled out last year.

A groom in Saudi Arabia filed for divorce a mere two hours after the wedding ceremony because the bride broke an agreement not to share pictures of the ceremony on Snapchat, according to Mail Online.

Meet Snap, Inc., a Venice, Calif.-based startup that’s behind the popular ephemeral messaging app Snapchat.