Paused Tears

April 5, 2022 13:53 pm

Through my Thick and thin, Highs and lows. You’ve relieved me rolling down from my eyes. Be it grief or be it Joy, Be it Empathy or be it pain, You’ve comforted me with your drain.

The kid that did lost

March 22, 2022 14:47 pm

The kid that did lost Once the friendly one who enjoyed company of all, now all he does is scrawl. Gulping down pints of liquor was one of the best things now he cared for and thinking about his future was one of the few things he was scared of.

Let us Request Dnieper

March 15, 2022 10:42 am

The river Dnieper  Which slithers out from Valdai Russia to Ukraine  Is sleepless without knowing any reasons  As the old grandma,  Dnieper never confused by the conspiracy of the world  Now swelling with many unanswered questions

I Prefer Gray

March 10, 2022 17:20 pm

Not all you meet tend to stay Some are just strangers, passing along the way People seem so vivid, and I prefer gray If only one could stop reminiscing, but alas I'm not made of clay.


February 17, 2022 14:47 pm

Flowing river Standing on the sand I wanted to live a time But it vanished Like the shapes on sand by the river

I crave for you

February 9, 2022 15:45 pm

With you, even the four-walled room is a different universe How the things unfold like it has been perfectly rehearsed So much blissfulness, as if anytime things can burst But seeing you leave, still feels like some curse.


January 21, 2022 17:18 pm

What's the point of this life Living with all these Heartbreaks But I will be fine, you want to know why

Looking into my mind

January 14, 2022 16:40 pm

I lay in my bed at night I can't sleep, As the thought run into my mind. Thoughts about the past.


January 12, 2022 14:46 pm

Stealing into you without your notice is something charismatic and adorable proximity of the souls of ages to be submission and fawning your fortitude

When you meet my shadow

January 3, 2022 15:52 pm

Too afraid to raise my voice, Every time you put your hands on my flesh. Thoughts about all the people run through my mind, Every time you force your lips on mine.

Shining words

December 22, 2021 13:30 pm

Fireflies are pictured inside the letter. The words gleam in a constellation. I capture the warmth and inscribe the narrative of the nebula and Estimate the speed of shooting stars out of intense sentiment.

Bird's love Journeys

November 26, 2021 15:03 pm

Ducks and Ruff roaming onshore But kingfisher was feeling bored. Greenshank whistles to common sandpiper Lapwing jumps over the sky to show her voice louder.

La Parfum

November 23, 2021 13:42 pm

The sight of trees Becoming prototype of nature Changes my humor My body becomes like a smiling child.

Unanticipated Tihar

November 14, 2021 14:41 pm

A sporadic festival comes one-off in a year With the onset of it marigold, garland, Vibrant colors and Deusi - Bhaillo Continued to boom

Informal Words

October 31, 2021 14:20 pm

Some informal words I read  They sound cool and carefree  They strike my mind like an hour hand of a clock.

Hanging Around

October 26, 2021 11:53 am

Pleasure filled moment at hand  A worthy day with the sibling to Watch purity the smile that ever Comes to mind wherever you go

Dear youth

October 25, 2021 13:38 pm

Dear youth, To the fire in your eyes, the passion in your hearts The vision in your mind, the courage in your approach, The smile in your face, the commitment in your goals Faith appears and disseminates

You and I

October 22, 2021 14:29 pm

My contentment is like a belief  It is a relief from your eyes of judgement.   I am born like a seed  Plant a belief to see my stages of blooming,

She feels like the constellation

October 21, 2021 16:57 pm

She matters to me Like a sun shining in a day Remember how day comes and night glows Exactly is she the way like a river flows


October 10, 2021 15:38 pm

Green fields appear luxuriously green  In a shareable moment from a  Window seat of a local bus.  The local air greets welcome to all.

Go Stand Up!

October 7, 2021 13:39 pm

When quite truth is about to be silenced with loud drum of lies, Stand Up! When solidarity for a right cause asks one more supporting hand , Stand Up!

Sometimes fairy tales are from heavens

October 3, 2021 16:18 pm

You know you matter Either to me or to some others Your presence is all I appreciate That makes me feel better

Mission: Sustainable Earth

September 26, 2021 13:50 pm

What have you done?  Greenly lands are spoiling my son. Air filled with smoke, makes my breath  Choke Now seeing the plants die, I have heart Stroke.

Flowers, worth a gem!

September 21, 2021 15:16 pm

Flowers are something that I admire the most. The introvert in me sometimes finds peace while scanning elegant flowers in my garden.


September 17, 2021 14:48 pm

I try to draw a picture tonight, Be my muse!  Crimson joy and purse of feelings Nurse your absence.


September 16, 2021 16:04 pm

Show your smile to the world It's something happy people have learned Because of your smile Your beautiful heart is heard

Like a raindrops

September 13, 2021 14:16 pm

And I feel you That I can tell you Your presence of absence In my life in the mountain

Run Away

September 1, 2021 14:47 pm

How does a life run if you run away? From the responsibilities you are to Fulfill that comes into you, you can't Blame your surrounding for misconduct.

Dear Vincent

August 31, 2021 11:26 am

Dear Vincent, How have you been? I hope the afterlife is suiting you well my life is fine too  but not that swell.

She is the cheery on top of the rhymes

August 30, 2021 13:29 pm

When I asked what do you see when you close your eyes? And she replied that she sees brightness along with full of lives Opening arms in joy and happiness And I wondered in praise of her answers  That I am writing poetry in her humbleness

The Monkey

August 26, 2021 14:07 pm

The monkey on drapery clothes wiggles its tail and Showcases its cheap tricks. A road dancer jumps Looking at monkey's yellowish banana teeth

Covid impasse

August 23, 2021 14:26 pm

A clear sky, light wind, antique curiosities, modern eyes.  A simple house with a little garden  and chairs to sit in and sip coffee  and look at the people

The 6 strings

August 19, 2021 16:46 pm

It sits before me and I embrace it a little, With care, it was held and it might just be brittle The sleek body my hand slithers upon, Those 6 strings with time had withered along.

She is fearless

August 16, 2021 13:29 pm

And there she is Full of life, laughter and lovable character You never know what gonna come next in the chapter Oh she is the believer which you can sense when you are with her.


August 8, 2021 16:14 pm

She ceases to exist from herself  She'd be the feeder and a breeder She'd be the sole compromiser She'd be the sole contemplator She'd be their sole consoler

Bright out

August 6, 2021 11:27 am

It's bright out Outside my house, cheerful boys shout When the morning will come at my doorstep I will dream myself holding A cup of latte

She is green

August 3, 2021 13:12 pm

And we connected through thick and thin Not knowing each other, but life might have some kind of starter Oh she was the achiever

Also an art

August 2, 2021 14:04 pm

Rain that has stopped  Makes the memories wet.  The grasses whisper about the flowers  The sky still widens its mind It captures the whole universe.

The filthy alleys

July 30, 2021 15:13 pm

The evening's frost melts. The smell of steak whiffs up. It's 6 p.m. The windy days' chilliness, And now there's a thunderstorm, Newspapers flying from abandoned lots, Feet are surrounded by tender leaves.

Wait for a while

July 28, 2021 16:14 pm

If life is a waiting game Then wait and watch The crescendo of shattered heart Just wait for a while my dear.

Get up and do your work

July 25, 2021 16:25 pm

Get up and do your work Life is not a joke You need to show up every single moments To shine and to create impact in all those segments

Lanes of shadows

July 25, 2021 13:17 pm

Passing through lanes of shadows There, my dreams wipe my mind As I set expectations for accomplishments, I see the city fighting and see the reflections of fulfillment, In the paradox of achievements.

My Envisage World

July 22, 2021 14:31 pm

The world of cloudless, Where roses are without prickles, The moon that twinkles, Like a honeybadger, i.e the fearless creature. The world of fairness,

Tiring suburb

July 20, 2021 13:42 pm

On a drowsy and frenetic evening My brain gets stuck by wordings Maybe someday I feel it chases words like a chess player, Crazily yearning for a queen piece.

Worldly happiness

July 16, 2021 16:03 pm

I see you and imagine you being caressed within my arms Oh, baby, you lent your hands to me with a pure feeling and you deserve to be loved.

She’s not broken

July 15, 2021 13:07 pm

Walking on the way, With new hopes and aspirations , Cheering  the life though it might be   Bliss or fluctuations.

Silence races to reach my universe

July 13, 2021 13:49 pm

When the world is too absorbed into enchanted canvas and Everybody jostling, high spirited running for the global rat -race Engrossed much into the 'chatters' and the 'blabbers' to what they say,' keeps me going'.


July 12, 2021 14:37 pm

Thank god for my limitations For it gave me 'Infinity'  Thank god for only a single lifetime  For it gave me 'Eternity'

Kiss me in the rain

July 11, 2021 14:35 pm

Kiss me in the rain with your wet lips. Make a mark on my body with your bite. Take me to the sun and sit beside me until the wound dry.


July 9, 2021 13:36 pm

Attune has gone away a-synchronized Weird living to everyone with wings of Disarray slithering slowly like the serpent That has ended the cadence of life, alarm!