KATHMANDU, March 15: The Kathmandu Valley Police Office (KVPO) has intensified the 'Safety Pin Campaign' to control sexual harassment on women and children as well as theft cases in public places, offices and public vehicles.

Stop Downplaying Street Harassment

December 31, 2021 08:45 am

The narrative that women should feel validated that they are attractive if they get catcalled should be eradicated. Catcalling is sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment case settled secretly

December 19, 2021 12:20 pm

BANKE, Dec 19: An alleged case of sexual harassment where Chief Administrative Officer of Banke’s Khajura Rural Municipality, Maniram Kharal and Pradip Sunar, Accounts Officer sexually abused their own female employee has been settled secretly. The case was settled after both the accused agreed to apologize for the sexual harassment when some youths demanded action against Kharal and Sunar.

LAHAN, March 27: A doctor has been arrested on the charge of sexually harassing a woman at Chinnamasta Hospital in Rajbiraj of Saptari district.

KATHMANDU, Aug 27: Neeti Khadka*, an undergraduate student, had a horrible experience inside a public bus last year. She was on her way home from college, and a man in his 40s touched her from behind. Both were standing in a crowded bus, heading to Thankot from New Bus Park. He inched closer, wanting to rub his body against hers, as his hands were moving over her shoulder, trying to reach her chest. She tried to push him off but he wouldn't care. She was in tears, and did not know how to react. He started touching her sensitive parts. A woman intervened after a few minutes.

MYAGDI, Feb 18: Police have arrested Mekh Bahadur Khadka, ward chair of Annapurna Rural Municipality-6, Myagdi, on the charge of digital sexual harassment.

Women at work

January 24, 2020 08:52 am

In 2018, Anupama Khunjeli was appointed the CEO of Mega Bank. She became the first female CEO of a commercial bank in Nepal. But her rise to the top wasn’t something that came easy, or even according to merit, says Khunjeli.

KATHMANDU, Jan 15: After almost year-long investigations, police have finally arrested a man who was behind recording his own ‘sick sexual activity’ on a public bus in Kathmandu and uploading the video on social media. They  tracked him through his GPS activities over the last few months.

Sexual harassment at the workplace

January 10, 2020 09:27 am

Deepika Paudel, senior accountant assistant at Nepal Airlines, says she feels pretty safe at her workplace. There are cameras installed in several places around her office and, according to her, her seniors are concerned about her safety both inside and outside office. “I haven’t felt any instance of sexual harassment but I have read and heard of instances of harassment cases that occur at offices,” she says.

KATHMANDU, Oct 6: Kathmandu District Court has allowed police to arrest immediate past speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara over alleged rape case filed against him by Roshani Shahi, an employee at the parliament secretariat

KATHMANDU, Oct 2: Nepali Congress leader Prakash Man Singh has called for proper action against Parliament Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara who stepped down from the post on Tuesday following sexual harassment accusations.

KATHMANDU, Oct 2: The main opposition party, Nepali Congress (NC), has demanded the government to probe into the incident of alleged sexual harassment involving Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara as a case committed by a civilian.

KATHMANDU, Oct 1: Secretariat meeting held on Tuesday has advised Speaker Krishna Bahadur Mahara to step down both from the posts of speaker and member of lower house of the parliament after the latter has been accused of sexually harassing a female employee.

KATHMANDU, Oct 1: A female government employee has accused Speaker of the House of Representatives Krishna Bahadur Mahara of sexual harassment, Sunday evening.

When the bully is the boss

August 25, 2019 02:05 am

When I went to my friend’s house recently, I noticed a big fish tank with colorful, vibrant and active fish. It was breathtaking to see the bright colored plants along the unique assortment of fish swimming around. I then observed a fish relatively smaller in size sitting for quite some time near some bushy plants in the tank. Only when the food was dropped, the small fish would dart out to quickly get at the food and then quickly hurry its way back to hide behind the plant. I finally noticed what it was so afraid of—whenever the small fish came out for food one of the bigger fish would chase it away.

No means ‘no’

July 31, 2019 00:30 am

Dressing in a sexually appealing way is not an invitation for sex. If a woman agrees to allow a man to pay for her food or drinks, it does not mean that she owes him sex

GWANGJU, July 28: South Korean police have banned Hungarian swimmer Tamas Kenderesi from leaving the country as they investigate allegations of sexual harassment against the Olympic bronze medallist, authorities said on Sunday.

KATHMANDU May 27 : Parliamentarians have drawn the attention of the government on rising insecurity, violence and sexual harassment against women.

KATHMANDU, May 1: Two of the three theatre artists who were accused of sexually harassing their female co-workers have admitted to the crime and asked for forgiveness.

NEW YORK, March 18: The girls, a dozen of them 15 to 18 years old, file into a conference room in a downtown Brooklyn office building, taking seats in chairs carefully arranged in a circle. On the floor in front of them is a makeshift altar of comforting objects: A string of Christmas lights, plastic toys and dolls, oils and crystals, a glitter-filled wand.

KURAVILANGAD, Jan 2: The stories spill out in the sitting rooms of Catholic convents, where portraits of Jesus keep watch and fans spin quietly overhead. They spill out in church meeting halls bathed in fluorescent lights, and over cups of cheap instant coffee in convent kitchens. Always, the stories come haltingly, quietly. Sometimes, the nuns speak at little more than a whisper.

HONG KONG, Dec 9: Immaculate-looking flight attendants who appear unruffled by the demands of a life spent in the air are part of the slick image sold by carriers -- but Hong Kong-based workers are increasingly hitting back against sexual harassment.

Detained activists in Saudi Arabia, including those who campaigned for the right for women to drive, have been sexually harassed and tortured in prison, Amnesty International says.

The #MeToo is a social media movement which has been gaining a worldwide momentum from the past couple of years. In Nepal, women and girls are coming forward with their own stories of sexual harassment. From the nationwide support for the rape and murder victim, Nirmala Pant and the social media support for #JusticeForNirmala, it is quite clear that the #MeToo movement in Nepal is here to stay.

LONDON, Oct 26: Retail billionaire Philip Green, one of Britain’s most prominent businessmen, was named in parliament on Thursday as having taken legal action to try to prevent publication of allegations of sexual harassment against him.

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 26: Google announced that it has fired 48 employees for sexual harassment during the past two years and sent them away without severance packages, hours after a news report that it had protected some male executives facing sexual misconduct allegations and offered them large sums to leave the company.

Tanushree Dutta had earlier in a TV interview accused Patekar and Acharya of sexual harassment on the sets of the 2008 movie Horn Ok Pleassss.

Actor Rajat Kapoor tweeted that he was ‘sorry from the bottom of his heart’ as two accounts of harassment emerged against him.

Speak against sexual harassment

October 1, 2018 01:00 am

There is still a silence around talking about sexual harassment including eve teasing, violation of personal space, prolonged staring among others

HARTFORD, Sept 4: A wave of sexual harassment complaints that accompanied the #MeToo movement is straining many of the state and local offices tasked with policing workplace discrimination of all kinds.