In a concerning development, Chitwan district has reported four deaths from scrub typhus in the first six months of the current fiscal year. Among those dying of the typhus, one was from within the district and the remaining three from outside the district. Officials at the District Health Office, Chitwan said that there are 163 confirmed cases of scrub typhus out of 3,254 tests.

CHITWAN, Jan 14: Chitwan has reported four deaths from scrub typhus in the current fiscal and of them, one was from within the district and the remaining three from outside the district, according to the Health Office, Chitwan.

CHITWAN, Sept 12: A 48-year-old woman died of scrub typhus in Chitwan. She hailed from Kawasoti Municipality-17 in Nawalpur.

BAITADI, Sept 14: The number of dengue and scrub typhus patients has been rising in Baitadi district in recent periods. Scrub typhus has been diagnosed in 140 people while dengue in 13 persons since July 17 till September 13, the District Hospital, Baitadi, said.

CHITWAN, July 19: Chitwan district reported 213 cases of dengue last fiscal year. These cases of mosquito-borne disease were recorded out of the total 3,564 tests carried out in the district from mid-July 2021 to mid-July 2022

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: After the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nepal, other infectious diseases have been overshadowed. As a result, despite the possibility of other reasons for fever, people are getting tested only for the coronavirus.

BAITADI, Oct 4: Scrub typhus cases are found increasing in Baitadi district. Among the patients coming to the District Hospital, Baitadi, scrub typhus infection is found in one or two patients daily, the hospital's Information Officer Harish Panta said.

Scrub typhus cases increasing in Baitadi

September 15, 2021 11:49 am

BAITADI, Sept 15: The risk of scrub typhus has increased in recent days in the district. The risk of the disease has increased after scrub typhus infection was found in people coming to the hospital and health facilities seeking treatment.

KATHMANDU, September 4: The Ministry of Health and Population has urged one and all to remain alert of scrub typhus which has symptoms similar to those of COVID-19. The ministry said quite a few cases of scrub typhus have been reported in the country in recent times.