ROLPA, Jan 15: Four 9th graders and five 10th graders of Saraswati Secondary School of Lungri Rural Municipality – 1 quit school last year as they got married. According to the school principal Umesh Pun, the school has a high dropout rate and early marriage is one of the main reasons.

School dropout rate high in Rolpa

December 19, 2018 09:21 am

ROLPA, Dec 17: One hundred and sixteen students had enrolled at the Janapriya Primary School of Dhawang in Rolpa at the start of this academic year. Nowadays no more than 60 students come to the school. School administration says that the rest of the students have dropped out. As most of the students don’t come to school on time, during morning prayers, the number of students present is even lesser. The principal of the school, Durga Bahadur Pun, says that the trend in his school actually reflects the common scenario across all the schools in Rolpa.