I did not say or suggest in any way that Kathmandu could be replacing London in any respect.

In a country where the top guns in politics have frequently made fake promises of making Nepal another Switzerland or Singapore, Professor Surya Prasad Subedi's addition of Austria and the Netherlands as Nepal's likely transformation spots and even Kathmandu taking the place of London as the center of international arbitration and other legal counseling is quite optimistic and futuristic, if not utopia or one more fake dream to be sold.

Are all PhDs worth?

February 23, 2020 09:30 am

Education generates infinite virtues and values for overall betterment of humankind and nations. Notable classical oriental scholar and academician Confucius would gauge education on caliber of imparting virtues, wisdom, courtesy, skills and positive thoughts. But in recent decades, education has become less socio-pragmatic and more profit-making business for commissioning certificates.

KATHMANDU, April 18: While dismissing suggestions of a section of scholars that an era of globalization had come to an end, a Chinese scholar said on Wednesday that globalization has instead entered into a new phase of 're-globalization' and that China is taking a lead in it.

CHAMPAIGN, July 1:  A central Illinois man was charged Friday with kidnapping in the disappearance of a visiting Chinese scholar who authorities believe to be dead after last being seen three weeks ago.

KATHMANDU, May 16: Sanskrit language expert and media person Janardan Ghimire who was injured in a bus accident that occurred at Khadichaur of Sindhupalchwok last Thursday succumbed to injuries this evening. He was 48.