BIRATNAGAR, July 15: Nepali Congress Parliamentary Party deputy leader, Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar, has said that the life of Dr Govinda KC should be saved by addressing his demands.

Who saved Nepal?

June 4, 2018 00:05 am

Nepal has been able to keep its sovereignty intact (to whatever extent that is), out of some tricks, some bit of wisdom and some bit of foresight displayed by our predecessors

JANAKPUR, August 3: CPN (UML) secretary Yogesh Bhattarai has accused Nepali Congress and CPN (Maoist Centre) for misusing Rastriya Janata Party Nepal against his party.

ILAM, Oct 5: A total of 400 women and children have been rescued from various border points with India while being taken to there likely for sex trafficking in the past eight months, shows a data made available by the Maiti Nepal, a non-government organization mainly focused on combating child and women trafficking. They all were lured with the promise of better jobs in India.

DHAKA, July 2: Bangladesh's government has said 20 hostages were killed by suspected Islamists in a siege in cafe in the capital Dhaka.