BHARATPUR (Chitwan), Feb 4: The 18th edition of the annual food festival will be held in Sauraha, Chitwan from February 11.

BHARATPUR (CHITWAN), Jan 28: A South Asian Film Festival is going to be held in Sauraha. The festival to be held from February 1 in Ratnanagar Municipality-7 is being organized by Caravan Nepal.

MUGLIN, Oct 25: Foreign tourists who are presently in the tourist city of Sauraha in Chitwan on Tuesday partook in the celebrations of the Bijaya Dashami festival as per the traditions. They observed the festival by receiving Tika and Jamara and the ceremony was organised by the Sapana Village Hotel.

CHITWAN, July 31: Hotel entrepreneurs in Sauraha are elated with the rising inflow of tourists into the district despite the increasing travel risks during the rainy season.

CHITWAN, April 5: A private elephant's trunk has been cut off in Sauraha, Chitwan. Rishi Ram Tiwari, president of United Elephant Cooperative Limited, informed Republica that an unknown group cut off the trunk of Deepak Khatiwada's Chanchal Kali elephant at 11 PM last night.

SAURAHA, Dec 31: On the eve of New Year 2023, hotels in the tourist hotspot, Sauraha have started filling up, mostly with domestic tourists.

BHARATPUR, Dec 21: A national workshop of ornithologists and bird conservationists kicked off in Sauraha, Chitwan on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, Sept 29: For a sizable section of international tourists, Nepal is one of the top travel destinations. They come to enjoy views of the majestic Himalayas, the cultural diversity and adventure tourism that the country has to offer. However, the arrival of foreign tourists has come to a halt following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tourism activities reviving in Sauraha

December 17, 2020 12:09 pm

BHARATPUR, Dec 17: Tourism industry of Sauraha which was battered by the Covid-19 pandemic almost for a year has gradually started reviving.

CHITWAN, March 16: A rhinoceros census is to be conducted from coming March 23. The Chitwan National Park (CNP) has made necessary preparations to that connection after the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC) sent a letter to that effect.

CHITWAN, March 13: The widespread outbreak of coronavirus has affected the tourism sector in the country. Sauraha, the main tourist destination of Chitwan, has not received international tourists in recent times.

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: Fifty international experts on elephants have urged the government of Nepal to stop elephant abuse during the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign.

In sync with nature

January 10, 2020 12:55 pm

Nature and wildlife have always been a big part of Karan Giri’s life. With a father who is a naturalist and having born and brought up in Sauraha, very close to nature, it isn’t a surprise that he is a naturalist and a nature photographer today.

CHITWAN, Jan 9: The 10th Ratnanagar Festival, which is being organized by Ratnanagar Chamber of Commerce and Industries, is beginning from Friday.

BHARATPUR, Dec 20: Visit Nepal Year 2020 is set to kick-start from Sauraha in Province. Chief Minister of the province Dormani Poudel is scheduled to inaugurate the Visit Nepal Year on January 3 in Sauraha amidst a special event.

KATHMANDU, Nov 12: The ninth World Ranger Congress, hosted by the Government of Nepal (GoN) and the International Ranger Federation is scheduled to kick off in the tourist town of Sauraha, Chitwan, on Tuesday.

KATHMANDU, Aug 19: Two youth entrepreneurs are producing paper from elephant dung for the first time in Sauraha, Chitwan. Keeping the proper elephant dung management and deforestation in case of producing paper in mind, they came up with the idea of producing paper out of elephant dung.

KATHMANDU, Aug 4: Ratnanagar Municipality has decided to set new criteria for hotels, restaurants, and local houses to promote eco-tourism in Sauraha. According to the criterion, buildings more than two-storey cannot be built in the tourist destination.

BHARATPUR, Dec 15: The Speakers, Deputy Speakers and Secretaries of the provincial assembly of all the seven provinces have been meeting in Sauraha, Chitwan today.

KATHMANDU, Nov. 11: Kathmandu to Janakpur direct tourist bus service has been brought into operation from today. The first of its kind along the route was operated by Deepjyoti Tours and Travel Pvt. Ltd.

CHITWAN, Oct 27: This past week, Sauraha was busy serving crowds of domestic tourists more than in the previous years. In this festive season, most of the visitors to Sauraha have been domestic visitors, most of whom come for family trips. In the previous years, the number of domestic tourists used to rise only for New Year’s day celebrations according to the Bikram and Gregorian calendars.

The gems of Sauraha

June 18, 2018 09:05 am

Sauraha flaunts a diverse range of flora and fauna and a rich wildlife. The ecology and geographical settings of the place also allure numerous visitors into the modest Tharu village. Once comprising a vast spread of Tharu settlement, the surge in popularity of Sauraha has been attracting many businesses to cater to the needs of the incoming tourists.

On paper, there is a slew of diamond-encrusted bullet points that stand out about Sandeep Lamichhane. National team debut at 15. Nepal's leading wicket-taker at the 2016 Under-19 World Cup.

CHITWAN, April 16: The number of tourists visiting Sauraha to celebrate the New Year has doubled this time compared to the previous years.

CHITWAN, April 12: After months of delay and procrastination, the construction of the first wildlife hospital of the country has reached the final stage.

RATNANAGAR, Mar 28: Local conservationists were joined by domestic as well as foreign tourists to clean up the protected zone in and around Sauraha of Ratnanagar, Chitwan.

CHITWAN, March 8: An international conference of chemical scientists is taking place in Sauraha from today.

Sweet Memories of Sauraha

August 27, 2017 10:34 am

Thereafter, we took some rest at our lodge before a jeep came to pick us up for Jungle Safari. I was terrified to go near an elephant to take pictures, but my dad told me not to be scared and convinced me that elephants were friendly and won’t harm us. We clicked numerous photographs with the elephants and even got to know their names.

CHITWAN, Aug 20: Tourism in Sauraha, which was battered by last week's floods, is gradually returning back to normalcy.

CHITWAN, August 15: Inundated resorts and jungle lodges of Sauraha are preparing hard to resume their operations at the earliest.

Flood wreaks havoc in Sauraha

August 14, 2017 02:15 am

CHITWAN, August 13: While floods and landslides have claimed dozens of life and displaced hundreds of people across the country, Sauraha, a prime tourist hub has also been unaffected equally. Swollen Rapti and Budhi rivers have inundated areas near their banks and floods have entered settlements. There are 110 tourist hotels and dozens of restaurant in Sauraha and all of these have been flooded to varied extent.

CHITWAN, August 13: Approximately 600 tourists stranded due to flooding in Sauraha in the district are awaiting rescue operation, authorities said.

Elephant Festival kicks off in Sauraha

December 26, 2016 14:51 pm

RATNANAGAR (Chitwan), Dec 26: An elephant festival has kicked off in Sauraha of Chitwan on Monday with a view to boosting up local tourism.

RATNANAGAR (Chitwan), Aug 29: Sauraha of Chitwan, Nepal's third popular tourist destination, is set to get over Rs 13 million well-equipped tourism information center.