Two dead in accident

December 25, 2019 16:03 pm

Two people were killed in an accident occurred when a Scorpio jeep knocked down a motorcycle at Birendra Bazar of Saptari along the East-West Highway today

Tarai cold wave hits Dalits hard

December 24, 2019 08:33 am

SAPTARI, Dec 24: Dipping temperature and cold wave have affected normal life in the tarai districts. Several schools have declared holiday while flow of patients at hospitals has remarkably increased. According to the district education office, over 102 schools have been shut down due to excessive cold.

RAJBIRAJ, Oct 30: Police have arrested a father and a son on the charge of their involvement in the death of Ajay Mukhiya of Piparatole of Kanchanrup municipality-5.

Two die in road accident

October 10, 2019 17:31 pm

SAPTARI, Oct 10: Two persons died and two others were injured in a road mishap at Bisanpur chowk of Khadka municipality-8 of Saptari district today.


September 21, 2019 18:40 pm

The Week in Pictures for the week September 15-21, 2019.

RAJBIRAJ, Sept 20: On Thursday, the eve of the Constitution Day, Nawal Kishor Sah, the social development minister of Province 2, led an anti-constitution march in the district of Saptari where leaders and cadres from his party, Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN), displayed black flags to mark the day as a “black day”.

RAJBIRAJ, Aug 3: Farmers are worried after the floods of July 13 and July 24, which inundated more than 3,000 hectares of arable land in the district.

Lightning kills two in Saptari

July 23, 2019 15:05 pm

SAPTARI, July 23: Two people were killed after they were struck by a lightning coupled with thundershower in Saptari this morning.

SAPTARI, June 21: The collection of garbage at Rajbiraj municipality has been resumed after three days with the discussion and agreement between the workers and administration.

KATHMANDU, June 10: Vivek Sah, who owns a sweet shop in Barmajiya, Saptari, has taken part in the National Cottage and Small Industrial Expo for the first time. His family has been selling peda, a popular sweet made out of milk, branded as 'Bajeko Peda', for more than five decades.

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RAJBIRAJ, April 27: Three people died in separate road accidents that took place in Saptari along the East-West Highway today. One person died and eight others were injured when a passenger bus overturned after hitting a truck at Ward no. 9 of Kanchanrup municipality.

Oldest man dies at 131

April 13, 2019 14:10 pm

RAJBIRAJ, April 13: The senior-most citizen Raghu Baharkher, who was 131 years old, died on Friday. The resident of Tirahut rural municipality-1 in Saptari district, Baharkher spent his life involving in livestock farming, according to a local Mukesh Yadav.

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Saptari sees spate of gruesome killings

February 27, 2019 08:35 am

RAJBIRAJ, Feb 27: A series of murders and violent attacks continues in Saptari despite claims of tightened security by officialdom. The district has seen five murders in the past five months.

Two killed in a truck accident

February 17, 2019 15:21 pm

RAJBIRAJ, Feb 17: Two persons were killed when a truck skidded off the road, hitting a roadside tree at Agnisaire Krishnasawaran Rural Municipality of Saptari district along the East-West Highway today. Another one was injured.

RAJBIRAJ, Feb 2: Security personnel and drug traffickers exchanged fires at Gobargadha of Hanumannagar Kankalini Municipality-13 in Saptari district.

SAPTARI, Jan 23: A person was killed during police encounter at Rupani rural municipality today.

RAJBIRAJ, Dec 14: Property worth over Rs 4 million rupees were destroyed in the fire that broke out in Tilathi Koiladi rural municipality-7 in Saptari district on Friday.

SAPTARI, Dec 4: A local leader at Chinnamasta Rural Municipality in Saptari district has been arrested on the charge of fleecing millions of rupees from a local woman and raping her in a false hope of getting her husband out of jail.

SAPTARI, Nov 24: Thirty-three girls and 11 women faced sexual assault in Saptari district in the last 11 months, the Informal Sector Services Centre (INSEC), Saptari has stated.

RAUTAHAT, Nov 14: Devotees observed the Chhath festival by making offerings to the setting sun on Tuesday. The festival of goodwill and faith will come to an end after they make the final offering on Wednesday morning.

SAPTARI, Oct 22: A person died while seven others were injured when a passenger bus met with an accident Monday in Saptari along the East-West Highway. The bus, Ba 4 Kha 4470, slid off the road and fell five meters down at Devdhar of Shambhunath municipality-7, killing Deepak Rai, 45, of Kavrepalanchowk, the Saptari police said. Rai was the driver's assistant.

RAJBIRAJ, Oct 22: A microbus hit an elderly man to death at Jandole of Sabaran Rural Municipality-1 in Saikrishna Saptari district today.

SAPTARI, Oct. 4: An Agriculture Knowledge Centre has been established in Rajbiraj district by the Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives of the Province No. 2 to provide services to the farmers of Saptari and Siraha districts.

RAJBIRAJ, Sept 3: Police have arrested yet another Indian businessman in Saptari on the charge of obtaining a fake Nepali citizenship. Three Indians have been arrested by police in the last five months in the district for possessing fake citizenship certificates.

SAPTARI, Aug 30: Over 500 houses in villages of Saptari district, where floods wreaked havoc on Monday night, are still submerged in water. Victims are staying in open areas without proper food and clean drinking water. The water level has not receded even on the third day of disaster.

SAPTARI, Aug 29: Floods wreaked havoc in some villages of Saptari district affecting over 500 families. Floods entered in settlements of Hanumannagar Kankalini Municipality and Tilathi Koiladi Rural Municipality and forced many residents out of their houses. According to the Hanumannagar Area Police Office, floods had submerged over 500 houses by Monday midnight.

Flood submerges 500 houses

August 28, 2018 12:20 pm

RAJBIRAJ, Aug 28: The flood-fed Saptakoshi River has inundated around 500 households in Saptari district.

RAJBIRAJ, Aug 18: The number of snakebite patients has been increasing in Saptari district after the flood in local streams and rivers.

Flood damages bridge in Saptari

July 4, 2018 11:23 am

SAPTARI, July 4: The flooded Mahuli River has damaged the bridge connecting East-West highway at Saptari. The flood has caved nearly 50 meters of the shore and led to cracks on the road.

RAJBIRAJ, June 9: According to District Agriculture Development Office (DADO), Saptari, the volume of mango production will finally increase this year after a continuing slowdown for five years. Officials speculate that should the weather remain consistent, the production will double this year as compared to the last fiscal year. Saptari, which is considered to be the 'mango capital of Nepal', had produced 61,700 tons of mango in the Fiscal Year 2011/12. But after that, the district has hardly produced a third of the quantity.

RAJBIRAJ, June 7: Police investigations have revealed that officials of the District Administrative Office (DAO) Saptari were involved in two notorious cases of fake citizenship that have surfaced since December.

Rape rife in Saptari localities

March 14, 2018 04:00 am

RAJBIRAJ, March 14: It was around eight o'clock in the evening. Parbati (name changed) walked out of her home in Sabhunath Municipality to buy medicines at a nearby medical store.

SAPTARI, Mar 13: Within 24 hours, two women, aged 18 and 31 were raped in Saptari’s Shambhunath municipality and Bishnupur rural municipality on Sunday and Saturday respectively.

Rs 60 m lost in fire in Saptari

March 10, 2018 13:57 pm

SAPTARI, March 10: Property worth Rs 60 million was lost in a fire when a shoe shop caught fire at Hatiya in the district headquarters this morning.

Wild elephant kills two women in Saptari

February 14, 2018 01:39 am

SAPTARI, Feb 14: Two women were trampled to death by a rampaging wild elephant of the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve (KTWR) which entered their settlement in Saptari on Tuesday.

Woman succumbs to cold in Saptari

January 15, 2018 07:50 am

RAJBIRAJ, Jan 15: One more woman succumbed to excessive cold at Kanchanrup Municipality-3 of Saptari district on Sunday due to the prevalent cold wave over the last some days.

SAPTARI, Jan 13: Birachhya Malaha, 65, and his wife are already too old to earn for their livelihood. The locals of Mainakadare village of Saptari lost their house, which they had built with their lifetime savings, in the monsoon six months ago.

SAPTARI, Jan 11: The Dhurmus-Suntali Foundation has distributed blankets to the poor people of Saptari district.

SAPTARI, Jan 11: Many government health institutions in the district are facing a shortage of medicines provided for free by the government, affecting the patients.

Two freeze to death in Saptari

January 7, 2018 10:03 am

RAJBIRAJ, Jan 7: Two people have died in Saptari district on Saturday due to excessive cold brought by a cold wave that has intensified since the last five days.

SAPTARI, Jan 5: Normal life has been affected in Saptari with abrupt fall in temperature.  General public have suffered from different diseases such as Pneumonia, common cold, cough, cold diarrhea, headache and asthma in Rajbiraj and other areas due to growing cold.

Fire guts property worth 2 m in Saptari

December 12, 2017 10:13 am

RAJBIRAJ, Dec 12: Property worth Rs. 2 million was gutted in two separate incidents of fire in Saptari.  Two houses belonging to Dinesh Yadav and Raghu Yadav caught fire in Mahadewa rural municipality and burned to ashes property worth Rs. 300,000, including cash and kind, the Area Police Office in Hanumannagar said.

RAJBIRAJ, Dec 12: Rajbiraj has earned the reputation of a city with well-managed settlements.

Upendra Yadav wins at Saptari-2

December 9, 2017 17:28 pm

SAPTARI, Dec 9: Upendra Yadav from Left Alliance has won fro the House of Representatives from Saptari-2.

SAPTARI, Dec 5: The district administration has heightened security alertness in Saptari district with the completion of all the preparations for the second phase of elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies scheduled for coming Thursday.

SAPTARI, Dec 5: Unidentified group has attacked with knife to Federal Societal Forum Nepal (FSFN) candidate for the upcoming elections in Balaan Behul rural municipality on Monday night.

SAPTARI, Dec 3: As many as 207 polling centers in Saptari district have been categorized as very sensitive in the election being held here under the second phase of election to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies on coming December 7.

RAJBIRAJ, Nov 28: A bomb disposal squad from the Nepalese Army (NA) successfully deactivated a powerful improvised explosive device (IED) found near the border security office of the Armed Police Force (APF) at Ranjitpur along the Rajbiraj-Kunauli road section this morning.