ROLPA, Jan 2: Nepal Rastriya Basic School in Huama village of Rolpa has started providing free sanitary pads since a few weeks. The pads are kept in a sanitary box hung in the school's toilet.

DAMAK, Nov 2: A group of single women in Damak of Jhapa district have united for entrepreneurship. After being trained in commercial production of sanitary pads, they have collaborated and started to work together.

KATHMANDU, June 18: Nepal Natural and Human Resources Development Association (NAHUDA), a local non-government organization, is organizing a three-day workshop on making homemade sanitary pads made of cotton and flannel. The workshop which started on June 16 will conclude on June 18. Some 35 women from Naulo Bihani Tol Bikash Sanstha in Tokha-8, Kathmandu, are participating in the workshop.

SINDHULI, May 30: Girls studying at the community schools in the rural parts of the country often skip their classes while menstruating.

SINDHULI, May 25: Girls studying at the community schools in the rural parts of the country often skip their classes while menstruating. The unavailability of sanitary pads is considered a major reason forcing girls to skip school, every month, hampering their education.

BIRGUNJ, April 9: "As we all will be talking about sanitary pads and menstrual hygiene now, those males who feel uncomfortable can leave while others please listen carefully," requested social activist Shaili Chaudhary while speaking in front of the victims of the first ever tornado in Bharwaliya of Bara on Sunday.  The deadly calamity destroyed more than 200 houses in Bharwaliya alone.

PARBAT, March 13: The Ministry of Social Development of Gandaki State will provide sanitary pads to girls attending Secondary Education Examination (SEE) scheduled to take place from March 24. Of the total 2,874 community school students taking the test from Parbat district, 1,437 are girls.

Made by accident

February 1, 2019 11:27 am

Accidents are just that, things that shouldn’t have happened but they did. While accidents are commonly related to all things unfortunate, they are not necessarily sad. You will be surprised to learn that some of your favorite things were made unintentionally. They were never supposed to be made but they came about accidentally. Thank god for accidents!

Sanitary pads for female students

January 6, 2019 15:33 pm

Located on Molung Rural Municipality, the girls of Saraswati Secondary School Bungnam were provided sanitary pads with the help of ward chairperson Pradip Baniya. The girls were provided the sanitary pads at their own school.

The pad women of Kathmandu

January 4, 2019 09:51 am

Even in today’s day and age, menstruation is nothing short of a taboo. In most households and offices even, it’s still an unmentionable topic – something that’s uttered silently if at all. Ever noticed how women mouth the word ‘pad’ when there are men around at office? In rural areas, the situation is even worse. News of girls missing school for four to five days every month is something we have all heard about time and again and quite frequently.

POKHARA, Dec 4: The Pokhara Metropolitan City (PMC) is to make sure all the educational intuitions in the metropolis would have sanitary pads for the girl students, keeping in mind the sensitive issue related to the reproductive health of the girls.

SURKHET, Sept 15: Filthy materials including sanitary pads, socks and slippers were found in the hooch seized from various places of the district by police on Saturday.

KANCHANPUR, Sept 11: The Krishnapur municipality in Kanchanpur, the district in Province 7, has made arrangements for availing sanitary pads within from schools to adolescent girls during menstruation.