LONDON, Aug 13: Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg will set sail for New York this week, crossing the Atlantic in a racing yacht to join protests in the United States and take part in a United Nations summit.

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, who refuses to fly because of the environmental impact of air travel, will cross the Atlantic in a zero-carbon vessel to attend two key UN summits on global warming. Thunberg,

Cast off Set sail

May 12, 2017 09:41 am

How to travel is the first key decision we must make while planning a holiday. There are clearly many ways to discover different places and cultures, perhaps even more than you previously assumed. The Week is here to help you explore because, blame it on geographical handicaps or sheer ignorance, there seems to be a means of travel that often misses Nepalis’ radar: Cruises.

SANKHUWASABHA, Dec 21: Arun Power Development Company (APDC) is about to complete land acquisition process for the Arun III hydropower project (900 MW).