KATHMANDU, August 12: The Task Force formed by the ruling five-party coalition to allocate seats during the upcoming Provincial Assembly and federal poll has discussed various modalities to share seats.

KATHMANDU, August 5: A senior leader of the CPN-UML and member of the House of Representatives, Dr Bhim Rawal has said that it is against the constitution for the ruling alliance parties to form a coalition in the upcoming elections.

KATHMANDU, August 5: The five-party ruling alliance meeting held on Friday at the Prime Minister's residence, Baluwatar, has formed an 11-member task force for the allocation of seats in the elections to be held on November 20.

KATHMANDU, August 5: The five-party ruling alliance meeting held at the Prime Minister's residence on Friday decided to continue the alliance till the elections to the House of Representatives and provincial assemblies scheduled for November 20.

KATHMANDU, August 4: The ruling coalition has suggested the government to announce the date for Provincial Assembly and Federal Parliament elections. Sources said the ruling parties have already reached to an understanding to hold both the elections on November 20.

KATHMANDU, July 27: Nepali Congress leader Dr Shekhar Koirala has said that in the upcoming elections to the House of Representatives and the provincial assemblies, seats should be distributed among the ruling coalition parties on the basis of the seats won by them in the local level elections held last May and the popular votes they got in the elections.

KATHMANDU, July 15: A meeting of the ruling coalition is currently underway at the Prime Minister's official residence in Baluwatar as the term of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is coming to an end. A meeting has been held to discuss whether to extend the term of the current office-bearers .

KATHMANDU, July 5: Nepali Congress (NC) Vice President Dhanraj Gurung has claimed that if the ruling alliance is broken, the country will head toward an accident.

KATHMANDU, June 6: The decision by the CPN (Unified Socialist), one of the five ruling parties, to recall the ministers representing the party in the Cabinet currently and replace them with new party members, is not going to be implemented for the time being, according to Health Minister Birodh Khatiwada.

KATHMANDU, June 4: CPN (Unified Socialist) has made a preliminary conclusion that alliance partners were not honest enough during the recently-held local government elections.

RATNANAGAR, June 3: Nepali Congress Spokesperson Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said that the current five-party ruling alliance will continue until the upcoming federal elections.

KATHMANDU, May 21: The ruling alliance candidate Khel Raj Pandey is set to be elected as mayor of Butwal Sub-metropolitan City.

BANEPA, May 19: Candidates of the ruling five-party alliance have won the local level election in Banepa and Namobuddha municipalities of Kavrepalanchok district.

SINDHULI, May 17: The candidates belonging to the ruling alliance have been elected in Ghyanglekh Rural Municipality. The Nepali Congress (NC) and CPN (Maoist Center) had forged the electoral alliance.

CHITWAN, May 5: Chairperson of the ruling CPN (Unified Socialist) Madhav Kumar Nepal has claimed that the election scenario is in favor of the ruling coalition parties. The alliance’s candidates will be victorious in many places in the May 13 local election, said Nepal, while talking briefly to journalists on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, May 5: Attempts by the ruling coalition leaders to convince Jagannath Poudel, the rebel candidate for the post of Bharatpur mayor from the Nepali Congress (NC), have not been successful till Thursday morning. Poudel has maintained that he will not withdraw his candidacy.

KATHMANDU, May 5: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that it is necessary to make the NC and ruling alliance candidates victorious in the upcoming local level election to safeguard democracy and constitution.

KATHMANDU, May 4: The CPN (Unified Socialist) has decided to come together to make the candidates from the present ruling alliance victorious in the May 13 local polls.

KATHMANDU, April 29: Rajendra Mahato, a key leader of the Democratic Socialist Party, has remarked that the ruling parties have formed an electoral alliance to make fun of the election.

KATHMANDU, April 11: The five-party ruling coalition has pledged to continue supporting each other in the upcoming local level election by removing differences.

KATHMANDU, April 11: A meeting of the top leaders of the five-party ruling alliance is currently underway at the official residence of the Prime Minister at Baluwatar. The meeting is said to be discussing the issue of collaboration among the ruling alliance in the upcoming local-level elections.

BHAKTAPUR, April 6: CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has said that the current ruling alliance has already developed deep fissures  and it is only a matter of time when it falls apart. “Since the alliance has already rotted, it would soon fall like fruits falling from a rotten tree,” remarked Oli, who is known for lampooning opposition leaders and parties.

KATHMANDU, March 19: CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has repeatedly urged the party leaders and cadres to go among the people with enthusiasm as his party has to win the upcoming election.

MORANG, March 6: Nepali Congress (NC) Central Member Bijay Kumar Gachchhadar has spoken of the need for giving continuity to the existing ruling alliance till the upcoming elections.

POKHARA, Feb 26: CPN-UML Chairperson KP Sharma Oli has claimed that the parties affiliated to the ruling alliance will be ruined if it is broken.

KATHMANDU, Feb 20: Top leaders of the ruling parties are meeting again today to discuss issues including the US-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact projects. The meeting will be held at the PM's official residence in Baluwatar at 10:00 AM.

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) leader CP Gajurel has said that the ruling coalition is on the verge of breaking up due to the US aid project- Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement.

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Leaders of the ruling parties have been convincing each other to save the alliance after a dispute arose over whether to table the US-aid project Millennium Challenge Compact (MCC) Agreement at parliament.

KATHMANDU, Feb 3: Nepali Congress President and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman Madhav Kumar Nepal have said that the alliance will not be broken under any circumstances.

KATHMANDU, Jan 29: The ruling alliance has decided to hold the local level election by mid-June.

KATHMANDU, Jan 26: The ruling alliance secured victory in 18 of the 19 seats in the elections held for the members of National Assembly (NA) on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, Dec 23: CPN (Maoist Center) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the ruling alliance will not break because of the US-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact agreement.

LALITPUR, Nov 4: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Pampha Bhusal, has said that the five-party alliance would continue until the 'regression' is treated.

KATHMANDU, Nov 4: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that the current five-party alliance will remain intact for the full term of parliament.

ITAHARI, Oct 10: Sunsari leader of the Nepali Congress (NC), Rajiv Koirala who has staked his claim to the post of Province 1 chief minister has said that the senior leader of the party Ram Chandra Paudel and leaders from the Koirala family have not raised a single question over the decision of the party’s President Sher Bahadur Deuba.

KATHMANDU, August 31: A meeting of the leaders of the four parties of the ruling alliance that was held to decide the distribution of ministerial berths among the ruling parties has ended at the Prime Minister's Residence in Baluwatar. The meeting that started at 9AM on Tuesday ended without any conclusion.

KATHMANDU, August 3: The second meeting of the ruling alliance is to finalise the common minimum program and the government operation work procedures today.