BHAIRAHAWA, Feb 22: As Siddharthanangar Municipality in Rupandehi district has no concrete waste management plan, the local government has fixed the Danda River as the dumping site of Bhairahawa, hitting hard the locals living near the river.

KAPILVASTU, April 27: Crusher plant operators along the Bandganga riverbank in Kapilvastu district have been reportedly influencing the court to delay the decision on cases related to the encroachment of the land previously occupied by the river.

BANIYANI, Jhapa, Aug 3: The risk of riverbank erosion and flooding has been significantly reduced in Jhapa with the construction of embankments along the banks of Ratuwa river which flows through Gauradaha Municipality.

ARGAKHANCHI, June 28: Sandhikharka bazaar is just a kilometer away from the Aulba River which flows along the Gorusinghe-Sandhikharka road section. The locals of Sandhikharka have been using this the banks of this river as a dumping site for years.

SYANGJA, Jan 18: Asmita Budha is 16-months-old. Riverbank has been her home since she opened her eyes to earth. She is kept in the sandy corner of her parent’s small hut that hardly blocks wind or sun.

RASUWA, Dec 21: When the devastating earthquake of April 2015 rendered them homeless, dozens of Uttargaya rural municipality residents fled to safer locations. In the immediate aftermath, they erected makeshift house in rented property and started living there. Months passed by, but life did not change.

Child drowns off riverbank

November 3, 2016 11:02 am

KAILALI, Nov 3: An eight-year-old boy drowned in a local river nearby Sri Lanka Tole in Attariya Municipality-11 in Kailali district on Wednesday noon.