RJPN revised PR list

February 14, 2018 02:15 am

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: Rastriya Janata Party Nepal (RJPN) has revised its Proportional Representation (PR) list following an instruction by the Election Commission (EC) for the same.  The RJPN has replaced Renu Sharma with Narmaya Dhakal in the list.

KATHMANDU, Jan 31: The Ministry of Education is preparing to amend the system to bar the students from being upgraded if they score less than D+ in grade eight.

KATHMANDU, Nov 15 Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has introduced working procedure for interest rate corridor system in line with the revision made in the Monetary Policy for the current fiscal year 2017/18. The central bank issued the new working procedure to implement the interest rate corridor system with a fixed interest rate of lending and deposit to and from BFIs, as well as the policy rate. By implementing the interest rate corridor system, the NRB wants to guide the short-term market interest rates of the banking sector within a certain range. Though the system was implemented by the NRB in FY 2016/17, the central bank has decided to revise the way it operates due to huge gap in the interest corridor. To fix the problem of huge gap in the corridor, the NRB has fixed the floor, ceiling and policy rates. Standing liquidity facility (SLF) rate, which works as the ceiling in the interest rate corridor, has been fixed at 7 percent. This means that the NRB now lends funds to BFIs at 7 percent interest rate whenever they face shortage of liquidity for a short period of time. On the another hand, the NRB has fixed the two-week term deposit rate at 3 percent which forms the lower bound, or the floor rate, in the corridor system. This is the rate that the central bank offers to BFIs for excess fund that they deposit at the central bank. Though similar to the SLF, this is the instrument through which BFIs borrow from the central bank for a relatively longer period of time, i.e. two weeks. According to NRB officials, the central bank always aims to bring both the floor and ceiling rates closer to the policy rate. Now onwards, the short term market interest rates would not fall below 3 percent while it cannot climb above 7 percent. Bankers say that the revised interest rate corridor system would help to correct the problem of huge gap seen between the upper bound and lower bound of the corridor in the last fiscal year contrary to the objective of guiding short term interest rates within a certain band. They also say that the interest rate corridor system will help to stabilize the interest rates of BFIs. “The interest rate corridor system helps to keep check on interest rates volatility that the banking sector has been facing and ensure rate stability,” Bhuvan Dahal, CEO of Sanima Bank Ltd, said. Though this may not necessarily directly or immediately affect the lending rates that general borrowers or deposit rates for general savers get, NRB officials say that the ultimate goal is to offer benefit of such interest rate stability to general depositors and borrowers through the transmission of the policy. “The interest rate corridor system is aimed at bringing ceiling and floor to a desired level,” Narayan Prasad Paudel, the spokesperson for the NRB, told Republica.

KATHMANDU, June 7: The Nepal Bureau of Standards and Meteorology (NBSM) has implemented the revised provision in regard with the obtainment of Nepal Standard Certification (NSC) mark while importing 11 sorts of foreign goods.

KATHMANDU, June 2: The Nepal Medical Council (NMC) has enforced new code of ethics for medical doctors in the country.

KATHMANDU, April 26: CPN (UML) Chair KP Sharma Oli has said the party was not backing the revised constitution amendment bill as it evaluated it as against the interests of the nation.

KATHMANDU, April 25: Main opposition CPN-UML Chairman K P Sharma Oli has said that the party cannot support the decision of the government to revise the constitution amendment bill which is under discussion in the parliament.

KATHMANDU, April 12: The umbrella organizations of the local unit have strongly opposed against the registration of the revised statute amendment bill in the Legislature-Parliament.

KATHMANDU, April 12: One of the ruling alliances, Rastriya Prajatantra Party, has decided to support the revised constitution amendment bill. However, the party has objected to some clause of the bill.

KATHMANDU, April 12: The agitating United Democratic Madheshi Front (UDMF) has strongly objected to the new constitution amendment bill registered by the government at the Secretariat of the Legislature-Parliament and has decided to boycott the local polls slated for May 14.

KHOTANG, Jan 13: Chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) and former foreign minister Kamal Thapa has said that the constitution amendment bill tabled in the Legislature-Parliament can be revised and endorsed by the House.

KATHMANDU, June 23: Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai has assured that newly-0introduced Online Media Directive-2073 will be revised.