Rethinking Tribute Beyond Public Holidays

September 14, 2023 07:45 am

The nation is observing a public holiday today to mourn the passing of Subash Chandra Nembang, the esteemed Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly. He was one of the architects of Nepal's new constitution, paving the way to resolve the Maoist conflict peacefully and embrace a federal republican system.

Rethinking foreign employment

September 11, 2018 00:30 am

It’s proved that remittance-led development is susceptible to the variables beyond the control of labor-sending countries

Rethinking Internet of Things

August 6, 2018 00:30 am

Today’s broadband networks were built to serve people. They are important but are fairly limited in scope

Rethinking fashion

July 20, 2018 08:59 am

Nepal is changing. And so is its taste in fashion. There is now a growing craze among Nepalis for superior quality brands that are made in Nepal. Many of these brands have not only flourished in Nepal but have also been able to make a mark in the global market. Anu Shrestha is the founder and designer of one such brand that has been gaining steady popularity in the recent times. Kallisto Designs is her clothing brand that makes amazing hand-painted silk wears and accessories.

Rethinking fast fashion

April 27, 2018 08:34 am

All of us love wearing fashionable clothes and we are really happy if we are able to get them for cheap. But not many of us think about the ones who make our clothes and the amount they are paid for it. According to Sunaina Singh Shrestha, country coordinator of Fashion Revolution Nepal, clothes have to go through a long route before they are actually displayed at the various showrooms across our country.

Rethinking foreign policy

April 16, 2018 01:00 am

The government of K P Sharma Oli should devise a farsighted foreign policy with specific guidelines and clear national priorities

Rethinking education

November 17, 2016 00:25 am

Instead of promoting broader and innovative thinking and making them learn with joy, schools treat children much like machines

LOS ANGELES, Oct 24: Actress Angelina Jolie's children are helping her rethink how she handles herself in court during the divorce proceedings.

Rethinking security

April 25, 2016 00:00 am

Our security policy should be redefined in line with the concept of human security and federal democratic system