Life hacks for students

January 30, 2020 11:11 am

Always getting confused between “affect” and “effect”? Here’s a trick to remember – “Affect” is an Action. Both the words start with an A. Hence, affect is a verb. “Effect” is a thing. Hence, effect is a noun. If you can’t remember this, just use the word “impact” and you will never go wrong.

Natikaji remembered

December 21, 2019 15:08 pm

Musician Dr Samar Bahadur Malla received ‘Natikaji Rastriya Visisṭa Srasta Samman’ with a cash prize of Rs 20,001in an event organized by Natikaji Smriti Samaj.

Remember the heroes

November 19, 2018 01:00 am

Brave heroes of Nepal’s hills have been engaged in fierce battles since First World War but they are often ignored

A walk to remember

June 29, 2018 06:19 am

23-year-old Iih doesn’t like to travel in buses and planes, especially not while traveling within Nepal. He claims he wants to experience the geography and culture up close and interact with the locals and for that traveling on foot is the best option. And that’s what he has done. Iih has traveled from east to west Nepal on foot, braving injuries and surviving an almost fatal accident. Here he shares his experiences.

Remember me

May 21, 2018 08:54 am

Remember me when the clouds are gurgling, And when the stars are twinkling too, Remember me when all hopes are out, When happiness flows right into you.

Football is a gift. A gift that turns someone’s dream into reality. Many of the players, especially from Africa, come from poverty-stricken backgrounds to become millionaires and live the luxurious life of a Footballer. Emmanuel Adebayor is no exception, but what makes his story so great is that, a player who played for the biggest teams in Europe couldn’t walk even at the age of 4.

MUMBAI, Oct 19: Fans, friends and family members paid tribute to veteran actor Om Puri, who passed away in January this year, on his 67th birth anniversary on Wednesday.

LONDON, July 23: It was a typical phone call between two boys and their mother, who was on vacation in France. It was brief — the boys wanted to get back to playing with their cousins, not spend time on the phone chatting.

2017 began with the most horrifying news, as one of the most beloved rappers of the music industry, Anil Adhikari aka Yama Buddha was found dead at his apartment in London on Saturday. Born in 1987 in Morang, he started off his career at the age of 12. His career took a U-turn when his song ‘Saathi’ gained an incredible response from music lovers.

10 things for students to remember

November 14, 2016 23:58 pm

You need to stay focused on getting good grades, but don’t overload your schedule or yourself so that it makes you sick or burnt out.

LONDON, Nov 5: Manchester City will have the chance to put daylight between themselves and their title rivals when the Premier League leaders try to cap a memorable week by beating Middlesbrough on Saturday.

Remember the time

September 21, 2016 01:00 am

One weakness of Nepal’s educated class, civil society and even media is that they do not ask critical questions at critical moments

Words to remember

August 5, 2016 01:30 am

There are some lines that just stay with us forever. They make such an impression that we find ourselves reciting them time and again. So The Week asked some readers, in particular poetry enthusiasts, to share such discoveries and tell us what it means to them. From Wordsworth to our very own slam poet, their picks take us through a treasure trove of various commendable works.

SYDNEY, June 25 - Nepali Kala Sanskriti Tatha Sahitya Pratisthan ( NKSSP) Austraila organized an event at Happ Street Auburn , Sydney , Australia to offer tribute and express condolence to Late Amber Gurung.

LONDON, June 21: Britain's normally raucous House of Commons was given over to tears, roses and warm tributes Monday as legislators urged an end to angry and divisive politics in honor of their slain colleague Jo Cox, who was killed last week.