NEW DELHI, July 9: Heavy rains continued to disrupt normal life in Mumbai on Monday as the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicted 'extremely heavy rainfall' over the city and suburbs.

JAJARKOT, Jan 11: While the influx of patients has increased in Jajarkot District Hospital due to cold, the hospital is facing a severe crisis of medicines. Patients visiting the hospital hardly get any free medicines provided by the government.

BANKE, Jan 5: Binauna Health Post of Banke district is 24 kilometers far from Nepalgunj. It is visited by over 60 patients on a daily basis. However, the health post has not been able to provide medicines to its patients due to the shortage of the same.

CHITWAN, Oct 3: Folks of Madi Municipality in the southern part of Chitwan district observed Dashain festival in darkness due to disruption in electric power supply for the past five days.

SURKHET, April 18: Surkhet valley is reeling under acute drinking water shortage as major water sources in the area are drying up because of prolonged draught.

KANCHANPUR, Dec 25: The hospitals and health posts in Kanchanpur are facing an acute shortage of medicines including those distributed free of cost due to delay and negligence on part of the concerned authorities.

UDAYAPUR, Oct 20: Of late, Udayapur district has been reeling under severe water crisis, which is one of the visible impacts of climate change.

POKHARA, Aug 7: More than 50 per cent of supply of drinking water to Pokhara has been cut off after the water supply pipeline leading from Kaski's Mardi river was swept away by monsoon-triggered flood.