KATHMANDU, Oct 25: The Karnali provincial government has decided to set up a fund for the protection of Rautes, the nomad community living in jungles especially of mid-west and far-west of Nepal.

DANG, DAILEKH, Oct 1: Until two decades ago, ‘life was fun’ for the Rautes (a nomadic ethnic group). Dashain or any other festival would be even greater fun. There was a different kind of social fabric back then.

SURKHET, Feb 24: Five years ago, Shambhu Prasad Chaurasiya, the then District Forest Officer (DFO) of Surkhet reached Nalkhola Community Forest to meet Rautes, the last nomadic tribe of Nepal. When he urged the leader of the community Mahin Bahadur Shahi to start agriculture, take up jobs and send their children to school, Shahi said to him, "You become a Raute like us, we will become commoners like you."

DAILEKH, June 21: Two years ago, Kapil Shahi, a youth from the Raute community, sustained serious burn injuries while basking around fire to escape cold during winter.