BIRATNAGAR, March 29: Police have arrested five people with 234 kg of marijuana  from Rangeli in Morang. Four of those arrested are Indian nationals, according to police.

Rangeli- Biratnaghar road blocked

June 29, 2022 14:03 pm

MORANG, June 29: Morang's Rangeli-Biratnagar and Rangeli-Kanepokhari road sections have been blocked owing to floods. Since Monday night, many parts of Morang have been swamped by heavy rains.

BIRATNAGAR, Sept 15: The Postal Highway which runs from Jhapa in the east to Kanchanpur in the west touching over 50 rural villages alongside the Indian border is a common dream of the people in the Tarai belt. The project, which is almost a century old, is still not near completion. While its status is ‘under construction’ since the time of Juddha Shamsher, a Rana Prime Minister, the 1792.4 kilometers long road has now been facing compensation-related issues in some parts.

MORANG, June 5: A woman has died after a tractor struck a motorbike on Monday evening at Morang's Rangeli municipality – 8.

KATHMANDU, March 9: A total of nine community mediation centers in nine different wards of Rangeli Municipality in Morang district came into operation from Friday. The mediation centers, established with the assistance of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), will assist the municipality to develop mechanisms for enhancing access of marginalized and poor people to justice at the local level.

Call to operate Rangeli border

December 30, 2017 10:38 am

BIRATNAGAR, Dec 30: Rangeli Municipality has asked the government to operate Rangeli border of Morang as an alternative border point of the district.

MORANG, July 6: The all-party meeting has decided to re-count the ballot papers of the ward no. 6 of Rangeli Municipality as the Nepali Congress (NC) expressed its dissatisfaction over the final result.