KATHMANDU, Nov 19:  Prakash Dahal, who died on Sunday morning, has been cremated at Pashupati Aaryaghat. His father Pushpa Kamal Dahal lit funeral pyre on his body.

RUKUM, July 29: As per the Hindu tradition, only a male can perform the last rites of the deceased family members. This deep-rooted tradition is prevalent arguably among almost all the societies of the country, which consider sons as the rightful heir to light the funeral pyre after the death of the parents. Breaking this traditional stereotype, a girl in Rukum has cremated her mother.

The largest pyre

May 26, 2017 13:21 pm

Following the cabinets’ decision to burn wildlife stockpiles on 18 May 2017, a 5-meter-wide and 15-meter-long incinerator was constructed in Chitwan National Park headquarters within three days. However, some wildlife parts such as elephant tusks couldn’t be destroyed given the lack of required technology for crushing the ivory before burning.

Wife lights husband's funeral pyre

October 7, 2016 13:00 pm

MAHOTTARI, Oct 7: In an unprecedented event of its kind, a Maithali woman in Dhanusha has lit the funeral pyre of her husband by discarding an age-old Hindu tradition and establishing a new precedent in a patriarchal society.